Flexible C-string Manipulation (in C)

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cstring is a small and simple C library for the definition and manipulation of expandable C-style strings. Strings are represented as instances of the cstring_t structure, and manipulated by the library's functions.




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a DSL for describing binary data. Generate encoder/decoder as standalone library or interpreted at runtime. examples//A TYPE PASCAL STRINGpascalString={len:#8 [#8 (len)]}char=#8// A CSTRINGcstring1=[c:char (?c!=0)]cstring2=[char (?)]// A CSTRING : IMPLICIT USE OF REGISTERScstringshort=[#8(?)]// OPCODE MAPPING// * just 2 type functions and 1 enummodRM(mod,ro,rm)={rm:#3 ro:#3 mod:#2}sib(ss,sib,base)={base:#3 id:#3 ss:#2}R32_MAP=<%EAX=0,ECX,EDX,EBX,ESP,EBP,ESI,EDI%>// * the ADD instructionADD={opco

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