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CSTL is a port of the C++ STL to C# 2.0 and .NET. The library utilizes C# generics, anonymous methods, and enumerable iterators, while alleviating some of C#'s deficiencies (no C++ templates, limited operator overloading, no C++ style iterators, etc).




Related Projects

OpenSceneGraph Audio Library

osgAL is a library written in portable C++/STL to integrate spatial (3D) sound in the open source scenegraph OpenSceneGraph. It also includes a C++ library abstraction layer ontop of OpenAL (OpenAL++).


A full featured Internet search engine, specifically designed to power vertical search, enterprise search, or a knowledge area search. Can index 2.5 million documents per 24 hours on a single Dell server. Clean C++/STL code written from scratch.

NNDB's Not a Database

NNDB is a C++ library that provides in-memory data storage and retrieval using syntax that is intended to feel natural for C++/STL, but which also might feel slightly like SQL. Columns types are fixed at compile-time and checked by the compiler.

Nhive - A new .NET Collection Library - derived from C5 Collections

When starting out in 2007, NHive was intended to become a new .NET Collection Library, using the C5 Collections library (version 1.0.1) as a starting point and released under a more liberal licence than the original PowerCollections collections library license. Since that time the PowerCollections library has been released under a much more liberal license on CodePlex and the NGenerics project has come up as another feasible .NET collections alternative with a liberal license. Therefore, the mai

Npk - neat package system

npk : neat package systemnpk is a simple file packager and also means its file format, called 'en-pack'. 한국어 설명 페�지� 준비�어 있습니다. If you're finding a platform independent, easy-to-use and secure packaging system, choose npk. It works on most modern operating systems and also supports powerful tools for manipulating your package. npk consists of below items. libnpk : Base library that read/write npk format. (written in C) npk : Command-line interface handles npk-fo

Minidom - a minimized dom/path library written in C++/STL

'minidom' is a minimized quick & dirty dom/path c++ library. minidom supports XML, INI, JSON, NKV, HTTP header parsers and dumpers. Platform independent. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux. Supports ICONV (optional). Various compile settings with CMake. ( http://cmake.org/ ) And CMake-based unit testings are also available. minidom::doc dom;dom.loadFile( minidom::doc::XML, "inventory.xml" );std::cout << dom.get( "author/first-name" )->toChars(); /* Joe */...

json_parser - json parser wrote in c++/stl

json parser wrote in c++/stl


c++/stl app that sorts domains based on several sorting schemes


a minimized dom/path library written in C++/STL