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CSSTidy is a program that optimises, formats and fixes CSS code. It is both available as executeable file (written in C++) and as script for webpages (written in PHP). CSSTidy is currently maintained at: https://github.com/Cerdic/CSSTidy




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Komodo-jscss - Use JavaScript in CSS documents to produce awesome results

What is jsCSS?jsCSS is a Komodo macro that allows you to use JavaScript in CSS files. You can set variables, mix colours, perform calculations and much more. Check out the example .jscss file. jsCSS also optimises your files using CSSTidy. This project is no longer supported. No future updates will be made available. How to InstallStep 1: Download the KPZ file from Downloads Download and install CSSTidy Step 2 Fire up Komodo 5 Select Toolbox -> Import Package and load the KPZ file Right click on

Mince - Command line solution to automate minifying and combining files

Mince will minify and combine your js and css files in a web project. It is a command line tool written in PHP. InstallationRequirementsPHP jsmin csstidy Checkout or download the files into a location on your server or machine. The following are good locations: /usr/share/php/mince-1.0 or /usr/local/share/php/mince-1.0 Suggested Installationcd /usr/local/share/phpsvn checkout http://mince.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ mince-1.0Add a symlink to the mince program somewhere in your path ln -s /usr/loca

Php-asset-packager - merge and compress CSS down into one or more files, increasing speed and saving

A PHP5 class to merge and compress CSS. Inspired by the Asset Packager Ruby on Rails plugin by Scott Becker available from http://synthesis.sbecker.net/pages/asset_packager "Reducing the number of HTTP requests in your page is the place to start. This is the most important guideline for improving performance for first time visitors." - http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#num_http include('asset_packager.php');// define("ENVIRONMENT", "production");echo Asset_packager::stylesheet_li

Web-optimizator - WEBO Site SpeedUp — Performance Like a Game

33000+ websites were accelerated with WEBO Site SpeedUpSummaryThis application is aimed to automate all clientside improvements for website that should significantly increase load speed of its pages. DownloadLive DemoAbout WEBO Site SpeedUpAbout the Product Benefits Features System Requirements Supported CMS Installation Acceleration statistics Version Comparison Buy Now Product Support Discussion ListWEBO Site SpeedUp Change LogWeb Optimizer Change Log

Extendedclientscript - Yii extension: Combining and compressing js and css

An extension for Yii Framework, combining and compressing used js and css files to speed up page loading times and to minimize roundtrips. The latest version uses CssMin and JsMmin for the heavy lifting.

Csstidy-test - csstidy test

csstidy testЦели (по приоритету): подт�нуть код дл� компил�ции на �овременных компил�торах (кро��платформенно); �делать те�ты что бы приве�ти PHP и C вер�ию к одному вектору; добавить �овременные css �войтва: CSS3, -moz, -ms, -o, -webkit.

Assetlib-pro - CodeIgniter library for adding assets to your project and provide them in a joined an

AssetLib Pro uses code from AssetLib (http://codeigniter.com/forums/viewthread/74659/), but does not have much in common with AssetLib anymore. In addition to AssetLib's jsmin and csstidy functionality AssetLib Pro brings you the following: It fixes relative url() paths in your css files to ensure their validity. It has a smart versioning mechanism: It re-creates compressed files automatically once a source file was changed making sure that your cached files are always up-to-date. It sets HTTP h

Scite-for-lua - SciTE bundle for Lua programming

This is my SciTE bundle with extensive support for Lua programming, including debugging and a lint-based highlighter. I dedicate this to Tibi, to help smooth his transition from beloved, reliable Delphi to mysterious and fascinating Lua. Now if I could only find a nice GUI designer :) Focus and limitationsonly for Windows extensive support for Lua programming (debugging, smart highlighting) highlighting, editing and other basic features for PHP, Python, HTML (+css, js), SQL, Apache conf files, W