CSS Parser

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The CSS2 Parser inputs CSS2 source text and outputs a DOM tree. Applications can also use SAC: The Simple API for CSS. The parser allow developers working with Java to incorporate Cascading Style Sheet information into their applications.




Related Projects

Cssutils - CSS Cascading Style Sheets parser and library for Python

cssutilsSource control and issues have moved to https://bitbucket.org/cthedot/cssutils

Active CSS

create browser selected css output with more effective features like variable declaring, file importing, if-else block and etc

Ruby-css-parser - A rough and ready CSS parser written in Ruby.

Load, parse and cascade CSS rule sets in Ruby. SetupInstall the gem from Ruby Forge. gem install css_parserDone. An example require 'css_parser' include CssParser parser = CssParser::Parser.new parser.load_file!('http://example.com/styles/style.css') # lookup a rule by a selector parser.find('#content') #=> 'font-size: 13px; line-height: 1.2;' # lookup a rule by a selector and media type parser.find('#content', [:screen, :handheld]) # iterate through selectors by media type parser.each_selector(

Ruby-cssparser - A Ruby CSS parser

An implementation of a CSS parser for Ruby. This project is in its initial state and sandbox development is the only activity going on right now. This means that no fancy build system etc exists, yet. The primary goal for the moment is making a functional scanner for valid CSS.


Babelfish was created as a common framework for navigating several different node-to-node structured data sources, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML & JSON. Developed in C# .NET 3.5

Vpp-wbe - simple web browser engine

simple web browser engine for web page analysis(main topic recognition by neural network) Read the README before everything please! try: compile project 'test-Wbe' and 'pyapi' width build-vs2008 catch e: mailto:ht8269@gmail.com or mailto:ht8269@163.com about e finally: congratulate!; cd pytest; python sample-sina-index.py

Css-parser - Cascading StyleSheet Parser for .NET

CssCompactorEasy to use for CSS compactor and syntax validator. Allows ease of reading with verbose comments while still keeping downloads light. Features syntax checking, whitespace normalization, comment stripping, and compaction. Supports CSS3 syntax such as @font.

rust-cssparser - Rust implementation of CSS Syntax Level 3

Rust implementation of CSS Syntax Level 3