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CSSToXSLFO is a conversion utility from CSS2 to XSL-FO, which can be converted to PDF, PostScript, etc. It has special support for XHTML. The tool has a number of page-related CSS extensions. It comes with an API in the form of an XML filter.




Related Projects

Xhtml2fo-xsl - An XSLT stylesheet to convert XHTML to XSL-FO

xhtml2fo.xsl approximates the formatting expectations of an XHTML document so existing XHTML content can be re-used. HTML content can be easily converted to XHTML using Tidy. Certain elements, such as form inputs, do not translate well, but an effort is made to accomodate any XHTML tag. CSS styles; whether linked, embedded, or attributes; are ignored. To customize the presentation, create a stylesheet with your own templates, and import this one. This stylesheet is written in XSLT version 1.0, s


The pdfgeneration module uses css2xslfo to generate PDFs from SilverStripe templates.