The Combat Simulator Project

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The Combat Simulator Project is an open source project started by flight sim enthusiasts eager for a serious hardcore combat simulator.



Related Projects


choco: a java library for constraint satisfaction problems (CSP), constraint programming (CP).

Paraell-csp - a multi process enabled constraint solver

Try to solver different constraint problem parallel.

Scspsampler - SoftCSP Sampler (Master thesis)

Implementation of several algorithms for uniformly sampling from the solution space of SoftCSP problems (my master thesis)

Cspbuilder - a flow-oriented environment

We introduce a framework for building CSP based applications, targeted for clusters and next generation CPU designs. CPUs are produced with several cores today and every future CPU generation will feature increasingly more cores, resulting in a requirement for concurrency that has not previously been called for. The framework is CSP presented as a scienti�c workflow model, specialized for scienti�c computing applications. The purpose of the framework is to enable scientists to exploit large

CSP in F#

A small and simple CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem) solver library in F#.

Cellcsp - A CSP-library for the Cell Broadband Engine

The library enables the programmer to use Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) to utilize the SPE-cores of the Cell Broadband Engine. The library was developed as a prototype in relation to my thesis about CSP on CELL. It enables the programmer to: utilize the SPE-cores based on the CSP-algabra design a process-network with a large of number processes (based on SPU-code) use cooperative multitasking as a programming model A small kernel (~ 14KB) is placed on each SPE-processor. The kernel is

Pycsp - Brings CSP to Python

The PyCSP project is an on-going project to bring CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes) to Python. It was started in 2006 and has been updated about every three month. Bug reports and suggestions for new features are most welcome. The best way to get started on PyCSP is through the tutorials: First Glimpse Installation and Basics Buffering and External Choice Controlling Termination A Scalable Webserver The Trace Module Some Syntactic Sugar Example: import sysfrom pycsp import *@processdef so

Python-csp - Implementations of Communicating Sequential Processes for Python and Jython

Implementation of Communicating Sequential Processes on top of Python. Recent project newsJuly 2010Results of the python-csp sprint at Europython: many thanks to everyone there! Europython talk slides available on Slideshare May 2010Introduced new CSPServer type and a @forever decorator. Server processes are runs which run in an infinite loop, and should be written as generators (see the example below). Choosing @forever over @process enables your code to terminate when the CSP tracer (debugger)

Csptimetable - CSP to solve School Timetable problem

Costruzione di uno risolutore per il problema dell’orario scolastico con vincoli hard e soft basato su tecniche di CSP. -i sorgenti del software eventualmente sviluppato -una breve relazione che contenga: -descrizione del problema e delle ipotesi adottate -l'algoritmo e le caratteristiche della soluzione -discussione la complessità/effficienza stimata -test (con i dati di test) comparativi sulle prestazioni