Csound 5 (unofficial version)

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An alternative version of the Csound audio synthesis language, with improvements and fixes.




Related Projects

Cecilia4 - ear-bending sonics

CeciliaCecilia is an audio signal processing environment using Csound as its audio engine. Cecilia lets you create your own GUI (grapher, sliders, toggles, popup menus) using a simple syntax. Cecilia comes with many original builtin modules for sound effects and synthesis. Previously written in tcl/tk, Cecilia was entirely rewritten in Python/wxPython and uses the Csound API for communicating between the interface and the audio engine. Version 4.2 beta is the current release. Minimum versions (f

Soundgrain - Graphical interface to control granular sound synthesis.

Sound Grain is a graphical interface where users can draw and edit trajectories to control granular sound synthesis modules. RequirementsMinimum versions (for running SoundGrain from sources): Python : 2.6.x WxPython : 2.8.x pyo : 0.6.0 NewsSoundGrain version 4.1.0 - February 2012This version fixes several bugs and adds some important features : Fixed crash when playing with number of channels. Fixed unicode support, allowing non-ascii characters. Fixed trajectories and FxBalls position when res


WinXound is a free and open-source Front-End GUI Editor for CSound 5, CSoundAV, CSoundAC, with Python and Lua support, developed by Stefano Bonetti. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OsX and Linux.

Cabbage - audio plugin toolkit

Cabbage is a software for creating cross platform Csound based audio plugins. In order for Cabbage to run you will need to have Csound5(doubles version) installed on your machine. The current beta release is for Window and OSX only. Linux packages will be available shortly(I hope!).