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A library of routines to help generate objects using Rocky Lhotka's CSLA .NET Framework version 3.x base on the Project Traker Sample. Accompanying this library is a sample application showing you how to implement the library. The objects generated are intended to be compila...




Related Projects

CSLA .NET Contrib

Public contributions around Rockford Lhotka's CSLA .NET framework including utilities, add-on frameworks, tools and samples.

Jcl2 - Joint CSLA LLBL framework

JCL is a framework for building .NET n-tier business application that are based on Business Objects. It is based on Rockford Lhotka's CSLA.NET framework and uses LLBLGenPro's ORM functionality for data access (Adapter model), data transfer objects and middle-tier database querying. JCL also provides a best practice UI framework implementations for windows forms.

Apheliontrigger - 4X Strategy PPBG (Persistent Browser-Based Game)

Aphelion Trigger is a Persistent, Browser-Based Text Game combining elements from strategy, simulation, and role playing games in order to tell a transhumanist story about the conflicts and journeys of humanity. Aphelion Trigger was developed using ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX and the ASP.NET AJAX Toolit. The business layer for the game is built on Rockford Lhotka's Csla.NET. The game runs on a SQL Server database.


CslaFactory is a Domain Specific Language for Rockford Lhotkas's CSLA.NET framework.


Component-based Scalable Logical Architecture, framework creado por el MVP Rockford Lhotka, en esta sección vas a encontrar demostraciones realizadas por la com


Visual Studio 2008 Guidance package for generating ORM database access (DBA) layer based on Rockford Lhotka's CSLA.NET 3.5 Business Object Framework

gamejam2010 - Rockford will probably be involved.

Rockford will probably be involved.


Our City, Our Story aims to find and tell the stories which make up our identity. This is Rockford, Illinois.