C Scripting Language

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CSL is a programming language with C syntax and comprehensive libraries. The compact scripting engine can also be embedded into your own applications as a powerful macro language.




Related Projects


Notice: Citation Style Language (CSL) development has moved to https://github.com/citation-style-language/ (only the xbiblio-devel mailing list is still in use). For up to date information on CSL, visit the project home at CitationStyles.org.

Provenance Python Client Side Library

The EU Provenance project developed an architecture to document a data generating process in a distributed environment. The Python Client Side Library (CSL) enables the development of provenance-aware Python applications.

Cslmanager-java - CSL Manager for X-Plane, Java

CSL Manager for X-Plane, Java

Mapachebox - MApacheBox

Software extensible para la creación de aplicaciones basadas en MApache

Csl211simplescalar - A Computer Architecture Project by IIT Ropar Students

Part 1Building a data cache performance simulator. Part 2Incorporating the data cache simulator to the SimpleScalar processor simulator.

PHP Code Snippet Library

PHP Code Snippet Library. PHP-CSL is designed to let you store all your favourite code snippets, functions and classes. Visit www.php-csl.com for the latest info.

Locationapitools - A collection of classes that simplify the use of the J2ME JSR-179 Location API

LocationAPITools library, version 1.0.1Summary:A collection of classes that simplify the development of location-aware mobile applications using the JSR-179 Location API on the J2ME (CLDC/MIDP) platform, e.g. on GPS-equipped smartphones. Author:Matthias Stevens (Sony CSL Paris / Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Description:The primary use case is a location tracker that stores tracks in KML (cfr. Google Earth/Maps), CSV or plain text format. Package com.sony.csl.j2me.locationapitools.demo contains a

Gosam - generator of simple atomistic models

gosam is a bunch of Python scripts that can: create monocrystal in PBC box (atomistic model), create bicrystals with coincidence site lattice (CSL) boundaries in PBC box, create crystalline grains of given shape, with vacancies, thermal vibrations, etc. read/write several file formats (AtomEye cfg, VASP POSCAR, LAMMPS, DL_POLY, XMOL XYZ). Dependencies: Python and numpy. graingen.py also requires the qhull program. Installation: Just download the content of http://gosam.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/,

Mapacheacsl - MApache PHP

MapacheEstilo de programacion para generacion de aplicaciones rapidas en PHP. Mas esto un Conjunto de Clases que facilitan la vida del programador a la hora de realizar aplicaciones WEB todas Orientadas a Objetos y basadas en MVC. Native 100% Colombiano Hecho en Colombia por Arca-CSL NotasSeptiembre 7 Segunda Versdion de la documentacion del codigo de MApache. (KILIK) Agosto 27 de 2008 Primera Versión de la documentación del código, el archivo se encuentra en la sección de descargas. (KILIK)