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cshare (from console share) lets you share any directory through a HTTP server. it's simply to use (just launch it from the terminal), fast (multi-threaded POSIX), personalizable (XSLT themes), and client plataform independent (you just need a browser)




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C-share - Ambiotic Interface to C-SHARE Content Creation

This is a placeholder - creation of web gui for C-SHARE Content Creation

Jxtafilesharepeer - a peer to peer application based on JXTA to share files

installation: check out e.g. in c:\\projects\\fileshare\\ copy the jxta libraries in c:\\projects\\lib (bcprov-jdk14.jar, javax.servlet.jar, jxta.jar, log4j.jar, org.mortbay.jetty.jar) make a copy for another instance e.g. to c:\\projects\\fileshare2\\ running: start c:\\projects\\fileshare\\run.bat, the JXTA configuration dialogue opens when first started, enter a peer name and password (e.g. 'fileshare01') start c:\\projects\\fileshare2\\run.bat, the JXTA configuration dialogue opens when firs

Glibwmi - GLibWMI Component Libray for Delphi

GLibWMI is a component library for Windows System Administration. They are based on WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). This library is a beta version and can be used freely and free of charge. CBiosInfo: Information abou System BIOS. CDiskDriveInfo: Information about existing Drives on System. CDisplayInfo: Information about Display configuration. CKeyboardInfo: Information about keyboard installed on system. COperatingSystemInfo: Information about Operating System. CPhysicalMemoryInfo: I


A collection of C++ code to ease multithread-development by automatically aquiring and releasing access to objects.


Qalingo : B2C Shared-resources for all modules (opensource Java eCommerce/mCommerce/Markeplace, sync with ERP/CMS/CRM)