CsGL - OpenGL .NET

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CsGL is OpenGL for the .Net Framework, providing support for OpenGL 1.1 - 1.4 and numerous extensions.




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Csmake3d - A Library for generating complex 3d objects

csMake3DcsMake3D is a library for making complex 3d object in a simple way. I don't want to make a big library with thousand of classes and functions, but a small set of tools easy to use and fast to learn. Currently I'm managing math stuff with Sharp3D.Math http://www.codeplex.com/Wiki/View.aspx?ProjectName=Sharp3D The 3D rendering in the test Project is done with csgl http://csgl.sourceforge.net and with irrlicht.net CP http://irrlichtnetcp.sourceforge.net Features :csMake3D Let you to... - Ve

Xc-nehe-joglization - Implementing NeHe Examples Using JOGL

Hi! Welcome to Nehe examples in JOGLIn practicing OpenGL, I watched Nehe examples and tried to implement them using JOGL (so that I would not rely on the source code). I have implemented Lesson01 - Lesson11 before I had my working environment changed (to MSRA). Now I am working on the same task using CsGL (OpenGL for C#).

Tagtoolkit - A Node-Based Toolkit for Live Performance Drawing & Animating

Tagtool Kit is an open source node-based toolkit for live performance drawing & animating. It is developed for use with the tagtool, an instrument for live performance drawing & animating - for more information check www.tagool.org It is written in C# and uses the Microsoft .NET framework and the CsGl OpenGL adapter.

CS-GL - Counter-Strike: GL

Counter-Strike: GL