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CSE-Tool allows you to quickly and easily deploy your Google Custom Search Engine on your own webspace. You just have to fill out some info on your site, and you are ready to go. Only requirement is PHP 4 or better.




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Cte-tool - Allows you to easily and quickly deploy your CSE on a dedicated domain.

CTE-Tool allows you to easily and quickly deploy your CSE on a dedicated domain. All you need is a webserver and PHP 4.3.x or better.

Image-en - A teaching tool for Image-Processing introduction.

(This Project is in Development stage) This project is a development of a simple package (both in Java & C#), to let novice programmers to experience the basics of Image-Processing.

Javagrok - Integrates the results of static analyses into Javadoc, for great API understanding.

JavaGrok is a framework for collecting the results of numerous inference analyses on a code base and expressing those as human readable documentation injected into standard Javadoc API documentation. It is currently a work in progress (being performed by some UW CS grad students for CSE 503 a software engineering course). We hope that the resulting tool will be generally useful and some day have a life of its own, helping developers to understand poorly or undocumented APIs and helping thoughtfu

Open-unit4 - Open-Source High-Schools CS Unit4 Implementation & Tools

(This Project is in Development stage) This Project is for the use of teachers & students, in high-schools use the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) "unit4" (Data-Structures) code library. It contains some implementations for the standard classes, and some useful tools for teachers & students - for teaching usage.

Framvisualizer - A visualizer for FRAM (Functional Resonance Accident Model).

FRAM visualizer is a tool developed to help to model a model or accident with FRAM (Functional Resonance Accident Model). The tool helps to model the FRAM table and to visualize it. The tool was originally developed during a course at Linköpings university by Peppe Bergqvist, Fredrik Gustafsson, Jonas Haraldsson and Gustav Ladén. Screenshot of version 0.1.1 Update 2011-01-13 This project has been discountinued, if you wan't to take over this project, please email and I will arrange it. During

Csebuilder - Delicious Google Custom Search Engine Builder

Make your Google CSE Delicious!What does this project do?It is simply a tool a to provide you with means of integrating public data stored on Delicious into Google CSE. How does it work?Provide your Delicious user id Configure which tags to include or exclude from CSE Provide your CSE inclusion and exclusion labels Generate annotations Provide your CSE name Generate the context Upload your annotations and context into the CSE How does it look? Enjoy!Krzysztof BÄ…calski

Constants-to-enum-eclipse-plugin - This research prototype Eclipse plugin refactors Java legacy code

The Convert Constants to Enum refactoring for Eclipse provides an automated approach for transforming legacy Java code to use the new enumeration construct. This semantics-preserving tool increases type safety, produces code that is easier to comprehend, removes unnecessary complexity, and eliminates brittleness problems that normally prevent separate compilation. The plugin refactors Java legacy code to make use of the new enum program construct which was introduced in Java 1.5. This construct,

Planit-cse403 - Group travel planning and tools - UW CSE 403

A group itinerary-creating, trip-sharing, budget-estimating, cost-splitting, facebook-connect-enabled repository of awesomeness.

Synoptic - Studying Logged Behavior with Inferred Models

OverviewSystems are often difficult to debug and to understand. A typical way of gaining insight into system behavior is by inspecting execution logs. Manual inspection of logs, however, is an arduous process. This project helps this problem with Synoptic, a tool to mine a finite state machine model representations of a system from its logs. Two features distinguish Synoptic from other tools. Synoptic's models preserve key event ordering invariants mined from the log, making them more accurate.