Command Script 4

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Command Script 4 (CSC4) is an quot;application controlquot; or application extension scripting language / virtual machine / compiler environment. CSC4 supports object member access, object creation and static calls to the underlying .NET Framework 2.0.



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Csc485a-pg4 - Backgammon

This is the repository for Team PG4 for CSC485A: Object-Oriented Design at the University of Illinois at Springfield. The project is a simple backgammon game. Team Members:Blake Bengtson John Bauman

Webserver4csc867 - Implementation of a Web Server in Java

The goal of this project is to implement a Web Server in Java programming language. This implementation is a Project #1 in class of Advanced Internet Application Design and Development, CSC 667/867, at Computer Science Department, San Francisco State University.

Amazing-maze - A 3D maze game built on C++ and OpenGL

Amazing Maze is a final group project for the spring 08 semester of CSC630 (Computer Graphics) at San Francisco State University. It is meant to be a simple OpenGL based game doable in 4-5 weeks.

Csharpmode - A mode for editing C# in emacs v22 and above

This is a mode for editing C# in emacs. It's based on cc-mode, v5.30.3 and above. Main features; font-lock and indent of C# syntax including: all c# keywords and major syntax attributes that decorate methods, classes, fields, properties enum types #if/#endif #region/#endregion instance initializers anonymous functions and methods verbatim literal strings (those that begin with @) generics automagic code-doc generation when you type three slashes. intelligent insertion of matched pairs of curly b

Jmakneeb - Thai Othello software which demonstrate AI in board game

Thai Othello (aka. Makneeb - หมา�หนีบ) is another variant of traditional Othello. The rule is to remove all opponent's tokens from the board by: use your 2 adjacent tokens insert between opponent's 2 adjacent tokens. --I will explain game's rule by picture later-- The goal of JMakNeeb is to demonstrate how to implements Artificial Intelligence in board game using various AI techniques (MiniMax, Heuristic, etc) in Java language. Note that this software was written sometimes ago in

Eid-javascript-lib - Javascript library to be used with the eID middleware applet.

Javascript library to be used with the eID middleware applet. The library is supposed to work on Windows in Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher, in Mozilla Firefox 2 and higher, in Opera 9 and higher and Google Chrome. Also tested in Mozilla Firefox 3 on Linux. Other browsers and other platforms were not tested. This project is not started by or has any connection with FedICT, Zetes, CSC or any organisation or company involved with the eID project. I do not work for or have any connection with thes

Csc-haui - CLB Tin h�c CSC

GIỚI THIỆU CÂU LẠC BỘ CSC I.Tôn chỉ hành động: Chia sẻ kiến thức - Chia sẻ công nghệ - Chia sẻ thành công II.Giá trị cốt lõi: 1.�oàn kết-Nhiệt tình: Các thành viên CLB trước tiên phải thể hiện tinh thần đoàn kết,yêu thương giúp đỡ lẫn nhau trong m�i hoàn cảnh,coi nhau như anh em ruột thịt để giúp nhau cùng tiến bộ. Tham gia CLB đòi h�i mỗi thành viên phải nhiệt tình với các hoạt động t

Csc160tictactoe - Tic Tac Toe game for Mark Boger's Java class

The game will have multiple grid types available to play: 3x3, 4x4, 4x4x4, or possibly a user-specified size depending on the limitations of the game itself. We'll be using the Java3D library to render a 3D representation of the game board in use that the player can rotate in order to better view the game pieces. The rendered game board may also be interactive, allowing the player to click on a square/location to select their next move. Because a 4x4x4 board would have interior cells hidden by t

Csc4arm - A color space conversion library for ARM processor

A color space conversion library which is written in assembler mainly. That library provides YUV to RGB and RGB to YUV conversion functions. These function works 2 times or more faster than gcc compiled ones. Since not tested enough, unstable for now. -- アセンブラã�§è¨˜è¿°ã�•ã‚Œã�Ÿè‰²å¤‰æ�›ãƒ©ã‚¤ãƒ–ラリã�§ã�™ã€‚YUV ã�‹ã‚‰ RGBã€�RGBã�‹ã‚‰YUV変æ�›é–¢æ•°ã‚’æ��ä¾›ã�—ã�¾ã�™ã€‚ã� ã�„ã�Ÿã�„ã�®å ´å�ˆã€�C言語ã�®ã��ã‚Œã�«æ¯”ã�¹ã�¦æ•°å€�速ã�„ã�§ã�™ã�Œã€�ã�¾ã� å��分ã�ªãƒ†ã‚¹ãƒˆã�Œã�ªã�•ã‚Œã�¦ã�


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