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Python library for computational structural biology.




Related Projects

Csb-recipes - Algorithms and recipes for Computational Systems Biology

The csb-recipes code project provides a centralized, version-controlled, up-to-date algorithm toolbox for integration, analysis, and visualization of systems biology data. The main emphasis is on providing manipulation operations for tabular data (matrices and lists). Some of the operations, such as those related to association studies, assume a non-standard data format but suit well to genomic context. csb-recipes is tied to another project, rf-ace,


Programas para generar ficheros en el formato del Consejo Superior Bancario del tipo CSB19 (recibos a la vista y devoluciones), CSB34 (nominas y transferencias) y CSB58 (anticipos de credito). Estaacute; desarrollado en Python, pyGTK2, libglade y pysqlite.

Prody - ProDy: Python Package for Protein Structural Dynamics Analysis

ProDy is released, please go to: http://www.csb.pitt.edu/ProDy/ ProDy is a Python package designed for protein structural dynamics analysis. ProDy is developed by Ahmet Bakan and licensed under the GPLv3. New features and functions are constantly being added to ProDy. The following are the main features that are present and working fine: Protein structure analysis: fast PDB file parser and a powerful atom selector functions for matching and comparing polypeptide chains Normal Mode Analysis (NMA)

Devoluciones-csb19 - Un sencillo visor para archivos de devoluciones en el formto CSB-19

Este proyecto consiste en un sencillo visor de ficheros de devoluciones en el formato del cuaderno-19 del Consejo Superior Bancario. Se pueden ver los ficheros de una forma sencilla e imprimirlos. This is a very small app, build with python and qt to read a quite specific Spanish standard format for data exchange between banks and business. Se puede abrir el archivo desde la interfaz gráfica o bien se puede pasar en la linea de comandos. El proyecto se ha realizado en Python, basado en las QT y

Dungeon Master DS

Dungeon Master Nintendo DS port (for playing DM, CSB and DM2 on NDS)

Genieworkbench - Film Production Software, Scheduling, Crew and Cast Contacts Management

Genie Workbench is a suite of film production software which supports activities such as film scheduling, cast and crew contact management. Genie Workbench is funded ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovations (CCI). The development of Genie Workbench as a software suite is undertaken by the Business Process Management Group (BPM Group) from the Queensland University of Technology. The requirements and analysis are supported by Centre for Screen Business (CSB) from The Austr

Linkschedule - Bus Schedule for the Link of CSB/SJU

This application provides a bus schedule for the Link. The Link is a bus that runs between the campuses of Saint John's University and the College of St. Benedict.

Nmwiz - NMWiz: Normal Mode Visualization, Animation, and Plotting

Documentationhttp://www.csb.pitt.edu/NMWiz/ Downloadshttp://www.csb.pitt.edu/NMWiz/getnmwiz.html Normal Mode Wizard (NMWiz) is a VMD plugin for visual and comparative analysis of normal mode data obtained using different methods or sources. An example is comparison of theoretical data generated using Anisotropic Network Model (ANM) and experimental data obtained from Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of structural ensembles (Bakan and Bahar, PNAS, 2009). NMWiz recognizes Normal Mode Data file f