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LADSPA plugins. CSA means : Controcirc;le Signal Audio. A group of LADSPA Audio plugin for FM broadcast and more. Emphazised Limiter, Cellular Leveler, Simple right/left amplifier. Blind Peak Meter.




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KiCsa aims to 1) provide a skill management system, providing facilities to build a skill thesaurus, navigate into it, and find which fellow(s) has abilities for some skill. 2) provide an example of a typical design and implementation of a J2EE applicati

Csa-c - Cubic spline approximation library

csa is a C code for cubic spline approximation of 2D scattered data. It provides a C library and a command line utility csabathy. CSA is a fast O(N) and robust algorithm which works nicely for uniformly distributed data. For clustered data you may prefer Natural Neighbours interpolation. The algorithm is described in this paper. Checkout csa by running "svn checkout https://csa-c.googlecode.com/svn/csa" README

Tuscany-extensions - Binding and implementation extensions for the Apache Tuscany project

Tuscany-extensions provides additional SCA binding and implementation types to those provided by the Apache Tuscany SCA runtime project. These extensions are hosted outside of the Apache Tuscany project when the licenses of any of the dependencies are not compatible with the licensing requirements of an Apache project. Apache Tuscany is an implementation of the OASIS Open CSA architecture for SOAs.

Bioview2 - Light weight drawing code for biological data

Please be patient as I am doing this in my spare timeBioView was originally devised as a subcomponent of the AutoCSA project (CGP - Sanger Institute). The initial version only contains the Chromatogram rendering code for visulisation of sequencing data. The main driving force of this was that the existing BioJava code was heavily biased towards processed data and was inefficient when rendering sub sections of chromatograms. The intended future of BioView is to provide further easy to use compone

Csa1019-assignment2 - CSA 1019 Assignment 2

Student Assignment 2 at University Of Malta for CSA 1019

Networkstratego - CSA Final Project

Me and Joey's final project for Computer Science A

Cropplanning - Crop planning software for small farmers and serious gardeners.

We're Back!!After stalling for 2+ years, we're back and moving forward. Stay tuned here and over at our blog. ( Feb 8 2012 ) Crop Planning SoftwareCrop Planning Software for small farmers and serious gardeners. Plan for and manage the myriad crops, varieties and plantings required to keep a modern, intensive market garden producing throughout the growing season. This is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Unix, etc) desktop application that allows small farmers and gardeners to: Create, duplicate an