CodeSnippet for Eclipse

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CodeSnippet is a set of Eclipse plug-ins to convert Ant, Java, Properties, CSS, DTD, HTML, and XML source code (complete files or snippets) to HTML with syntax highlighting.



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Jade-web-toolkit - JADE Web Toolkit (JWT)

JADE(Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) and WADE(Workflows and Agents Development Environment) based experimental project First Goals:1. Maven2 Multi Module Project 전환(Jade & Wade, Add-ons, 3rd-parties,etc.) JADE 4.0.1, JDK 1.6, Maven2, SVN 2. Build Validation & Verfication Remote Repository 구축(SVN) # Artifact(jars) 최신화 � Build 검� # Dependancy Documentations Ant Build 재작성 � �작 검�(include Demos,Tests, Examples) # Documentations & Screenshots JADE 4.0.1 Integrati

Flashanttasks - Provides ant tasks for compiling flash movies

FlashAntTasksProvides ant tasks for compiling Flash CS4 Flas from Flex Builder. An example Ant task<taskdef resource="" classpath="lib/FlashAntTasks.jar"/> <flashcommand> <movie export="true" source="/Project/test.fla" output="/Project/swfs/test.swf" /> <movie export="true" source="/Project/shared.fla" output="/Project/swfs/shared.swf" /></flashcommand><flashcommand> <movie test="true" source="/Project/shell.fla" output="/Project/swfs/shell.swf" /></flashcommand><!-- WIND

D4rkl1gh7 - Flash/Flex Frameworks and Tools

Various Flash/Flex Frameworks and Tools. Libraries include Actionscript 3 and MXML based frameworks. Tool packages include development assitant tools for Flash CS3 as well as Flex and Flex Builder.

Fmconmain - Consistency Maintenance for Evolving Feature Models

We developed this project based on FeatureIDE ( The development environment is Java SE 6, Eclipse RCP 3.5.2. The main components are as follows: 1. Random feature models generator; 2. Random feature-model operations generator; 3. Consistency constraints of feature models; 4. Dependency matrix and evolution strategies for feature-model operations. 5. Five experiments: validating generated feature models using SAT4J and GUIDSL, measuri

Iroll - iRoll on Android: A ball rolling game based on the sensor of Openmoko phone

(Website under construction)This is the final project of the course CS4101(2009Fall): Introduction to Embedded Systems(嵌入�系統概論) in NTHU, Taiwan. What we've done actually covers the [A.2] option. iRoll IntroductioniRoll is an implementation of a gyroscope(陀螺儀) using only the normal vector(法��) provided by the Openmoko sensor. We calculated the related physics data, then applied them to ball rolling simulation. Finally, we applied the ball rolling to a simple game similar

Openplatform-flash - AS3 client library for The Guardian Open Platform

A client library to help Flash and Flex developers use The Guardian Open Platform. The SVN repository contains two projects (both set up for Eclipse + Ant + FDT): openplatform - contains the library source code, a SWC build, ASDoc and an example FLA openplatform-tests - contains a FlexUnit test suite for the library code Flash developersIf you use the CS3 / CS4 IDE, have a look at the FLA in openplatform/example If you use FDT or FlashDevelop, simply adjust your source path to include a copy of

Pegas - PEGAS The Graphic, Geometric, transitions and processing opensource framework based on VEGAS

PEGAS version 1DescriptionThis library is based on VEGAS and this extension AndromedAS. This framework contains : Color tools. Draw API tools (ArcPen?, BezierPen?, RectanglePen?, Canvas....) Transitions package (Tween, multi-tween...) geom package with flash.geom polymorphism for FP7 & FP8 and other tool class (Vertex, Vector2, Vector3, Quaternion...) Maths tools : Prime, Factor, Range Process package : Sequencer, Action, Batch, process. UI package : KeyValidator, DoubleClick, Keyboard enumerati

Econference4 - A network-aware Rich Client Application created for enabling ad-hoc workgroups collab

eConference 4A network-aware Rich Client Application created for enabling ad-hoc workgroups to collaborate. ProblemeConference is a text-conferencing tool that supports synchronous, structured communication. eConference is designed to accommodate the needs of a workshop without becoming an unconstrained, on-line chat discussion. The tool is based on the XMPP protocol, an IETF standard for instant messaging and presence awareness. You can setup your own XMPP server installation within your compan

Cs4985-assignment01 - A continuation of Lab 1

CS 4985/6985 – Fall 2011 Assignment 1, 20 pts. Due: Friday, Sept. 9th at 9a. Objectives • Create a multi-activity application in Android by extending Lab 1. • Be able to create and invoke separate Activities. • Be able to display and use simple UI widgets. • Be able to display a simple image on the interface. Specifications A. Getting Started 1. Your Lab1 will be used as the starting point for this homework. If you did not successfully complete the Lab 1 exercise, you need to fix the i

As-gard - Rich GUI and Server framework based on VEGAS the ECMASCript and ActionScript opensource fr

ASGard version 1DescriptionYou can use the same framework in ActionScript 1,2,3 and SSAS to deploy your RIAs. In AS3, AS2 or SSAS the ASGard library change with the specified tools of the langages. AboutVersion : 1 Author : ALCARAZ Marc (aka eKameleon) Link : Mail : LicenceMozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL1.1) Install ASGardFor the moment the source of the ASGard extension is in the SVN repository of VEGAS in OSFlash.