Commerce Server 2009 ASP.NET Sample Site

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An ASP.NET implementation of the Commerce Server 2009 Extensisbility Kit which was originally released in as a SharePoint SDK. This solutions is built using 2 different design patterns - ASP.NET MVC, and the new ASP.NET MVP demonstrating a fully function e-Commerce solution.



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Fortnum is a new E-Commerce Framework providing E-Commerce solutions online. The system is designed to be open and extensible allowing easy integrate with third party services. This project is a sister to the PDnH Server framework.

Commerce Server 2009 Orders using Pipelines in a Console Application

Using Commerce Server 2009 outside of a Web Application this project show how to create dummy Orders using Pipelines in a NON WEB CONTEXT, an example is a Console Application but you could make unit/integration/load testing, and winform applications for management purpose.

Seis752-final - Create a e-commerce web application

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the different parts of a web application. We will create a e-commerce application to sell jewelry and other items. Architecture: - server: apache - client side: use javascript/jquery - server side: use PHP, and db mysql The project team contains 4 developers.

Csutilities - Utilities for Microsoft Commerce Server development

Welcome to CSUtilities The purpose of this Code Gallery is to provide a number of artifacts/utilities that can assist and ease your everyday work with Microsoft Commerce Server 2007/2009. ReleasesCSUtilities packages on NuGet A couple of packages that adds Commerce Server 2009 configuration (web.config, pipelines and other files) to any ASP.NET 4.0 web-site have been contributed to Microsoft' NuGet Package repository including: Commerce Server ASP.NET 4.0 Website, integrated mode Read more Comme

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Gacontrol - Google Analytics ASP.Net WebControl

Makes Google Analytics easier to implement in ASP.Net, with various features for extending tracking and improving ROI reporting. Set campaign source from server logic Automatically track sessions across different domains Set e-commerce order amounts from server logic Trigger arbitrary page hits from server logic to facilitate conversion tracking Current Release Documentation

Commerce Server Startersite

This template implements the Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site in P&P's Web Client Software Factory. Uses standalone Foundational Module for each one of the Commerce Server Systems (Profile, Catalog, Orders, Inventory). Implements the View (aspx,ascx) Presenter(.cs) in Busine...

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