Caltech CS 141b

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Homework and project solutions for the distributed computing course CS 141b at the California Institute of Technology. If you are enrolled in CS 141b or a similar course, please consult with the instructor before looking at the code.



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H-torcs - Team of Robots Collaborative Search

Team of Robots to do a distributed search on a selected target.

Caltech-cs141-techerlink - A way for Caltech students to meet up to study

An android application, along with a web front, that allows students to share what classes they are taking and when they are free to meet up and study.

Caltechtwitter - Winter 2011 - CS141b - HW2

Project group: Self-Referential Monikers Jeremy Davis Eric Mecklenburg Michael Wu Fred Zhao

Flexcn4 - Flex & AS3 & Flash & PHP

下�是�常有用的类库,找到他们的时候我兴奋的�得了 APIs�Libs�Components 1�as3ebaylib 2�as3youtubelib 3�as3flickrlib 4�Yahoo ASTRA Flash Components 5�facebook-as3 6�as3awss3lib 7�Adobe ActionScript 3:resources:apis:libr

Raise - Reduce And prIoritize SuitEs

Software developers use testing to raise confidence in the correctness of a software system. Automated reduction and prioritization techniques attempt to decrease the time required to detect faults during test suite execution. This package uses the Harrold Gupta Soffa, delayed greedy, traditional greedy, and 2-optimal greedy algorithms for both test suite reduction and prioritization. Even though reducing and reordering a test suite is primarily done to ensure that testing is cost-effective, the

Quickdiagram - A circuit diagram sketching and understanding system

QuickDiagram is a system developed by a team led by Dr. Liu Wenyin ( for quick input and understanding of circuit diagrams by sketching. With a user sketching a (complete or partial) component/symbol or wire (connecting two symbols) of the diagram, the system can recognize and beautify it immediately. After the entire diagram is complete, certain understandings can be obtained. The system has a symbol database with more than 600 circuit devices/symbols. Three steps of

Ntest - Ntest Othello engine with distributed opening book building capabilities

Updates2010-11-11 New s26 book. This one has 80001 draws proven to 29 empty! Finding new draws is now beginning to get harder. But there's still a great deal of nodes at 30 empty with score -2. These could turn out to be draws too. Anybody with a large number of cpu's who want to take over should contact me (dlidstrom at gmail dot com). 2010-11-04 Uploaded new binary. Improvements for analysing books with smaller depth. Also, now prioritizes lines with shorter depth when total scores are equal.

peach - Project for CS141.

Project for CS141.

wumpus - Assignment for CS141, Artificial Intelligence

Assignment for CS141, Artificial Intelligence