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linux wrappers for the csound synthesis program and some other linux audio utilities



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Rp1210dotnet - RP1210 Wrapper for .NET

An RP1210 wrapper written in C# for .NET applications for use in communicating with automotive and industrial networks using commonly available hardware that confirms to the RP1210a or RP1210b specifications.


Soapi.CS is a C# wrapper with full coverage of the Stack Overflow API. Soapi.CS is intuitive, fully documented and runs on .Net 3.5/4.0, Silverlight 3/4, Windows Phone 7 and Mono


cccl is a wrapper around Microsoft Visual C++'s cl.exe and link.exe. It converts Unix compiler command line parameters into the equivalent parameters for cl and link.

Candywrapper - .net client wrapper for SugarCRM soap api.

.net soap client wrapper for SugarCRM written using C# .net 3.5. The original idea and name came from Angel Magaña on SugarForge I have augmented the code to better fit my needs and wanted to release the source code to the community. There are 3 "main" methods in the library for retrieving and updating sugar modules. GetEntry() - gets a single entry as a SugarEntry SetEntry() - updates a single SugarEntry and returns the id GetEntryList() - retu

Csexwb2 - The most complete .NET Webbrowser control wrapper

csEXWB is a C# .NET 2.0 control that creates, hosts and sinks the events of the original Webbrowser control (Not .NET or any other wrapper). Advanced customization and total control over the Webbrowser control are achieved via implementation of a number of interfaces, along with the addition of many methods, properties, events and a COM library. Here are some of the features of this control: Can easily be extended by adding other interfaces and methods, unlike .NET or any other Webbrowser wrappe

Csquickusb - Managed .Net Wrapper Class for QuickUsb USB 2.0 Communications

Generally, CSQuickUSB is a library that exposes access to USB hardware manufactured by Bitwise Systems ( Essentially allowing full featured interop with a USB 2.0 port and hardware of an external device, all from an easy to use C#/managed landscape. DownloadTo download the latest release, go to the Downloads Page. For nightly builds see the SVN repository. BackgroundBitwise Systems manufactures a USB module called QuickUSB which provides all the features of a full USB

Salesforce-dotnet - .NET library for querying/updating via SOAP API

Use this simple library to integrate your .NET solution against your data. Quick Sample//search for Accountprotected void btnSearchAccount_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Account account = new AccountController().GetByName(txtAccountSearch.Text); lblAccountResult.Text = account != null ? account.Name : "No result"; }//add Accountprotected void btnAddAccount_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Account account = new Account(); account.Name = txtAccountName.Text; account.BillingC

SpiderApe: Beefing up SpiderMonkey

SpiderApe is a C++ wrapper around SpiderMonkey, Mozilla's C-based JavaScript engine ( It takes advantage of C++'s features to simplify the process of embedding SpiderMonkey into your C++ applications.

Yama-mvc - Yet Another MVC Architecture

This project aims to be a wrapper around Castle Monorail and (by default) NHibernate, which simplifies web development using the magnificent tools. Currently NHibernate 3, Monorail 2.1 and Windsor 2.5 are used. Support for MonoRail 3 is planned Yama.MVC solution consists of 6 projects: Yama.MVC.Core which is a base for Yama.MVC application and has no 3rd party dependencies Yama.MVC.Dao which contains base interfaces and classes used to create the data access layer Yama.MVC.Container which aids i

Flexcontainer - ASP.NET/Gaia AJAX/Flex components for building RIA

FlexContainer project includes components and development pattern for building AJAX ASP.NET applications with integrated Flex components in a very simple way. FlexContainerIntroductionDesign OverviewAJAX Call to Flex component from ASP.NET (blue route)AJAX post back to ASP.NET from Flex (red route)Code SamplesASPX PageASPX.CS Code BehindAS3 Flex control libraryFlex Control LibraryFlex Control Loading/InitializingSending and Receiving MessagesDependenciesBuilding/Running Demo Project Introduction