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SDL.NET is a set of object-oriented .NET bindings for the SDL gaming library and provides high-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, TTF fonts, various image formats, sound mixing, MPEG-1, and 2D video framebuffer.




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Cs-sti-sdlgui - A GUI Interface for SDL Game

A Gui Interface coded with SDL.Net for C#

Cs234g-group3-crosswords - Crossword game for CS 234g course

Project Members: C. Hall, W. Bemiller, S. Mrdalj. We will be creating a crossword game (using SDL) which consists of (at least) 3 crossword puzzles. When you type a letter in a designated space, it will either show red if incorrect, or black if correct. As far as clues go, we will either list all the clues (like in a book or newspaper) or click on the numbered box and the clue would appear for across/down. Crossword backgrounds will be created with individual white squares and a black-fill backg

Rygl - A simple cross-platform game engine

What is RyGL?RyGL is a combination of my name, Ryan, with the graphics library I'm using, OpenGL. It is really just a working name until more of this project is finished, at which time it will be renamed to something a little better. RyGL is aimed at becoming a full-featured, cross-platform, video game engine with the following features as a rough guideline: In-engine GUI powered by Awesomium 2D and 3D graphical capabilities using OpenGL Lua scripting hi-fi audio using OpenAL I started this proj

Mmotycoon - project for cs236 class

DEFUNCTThis project was for a class and is wrought with embarrassing code however I will leave it up as a nostalgia savings account. Team Members: Brian Payne (bwpayne@gmail.com) Tim Choi (a2ceki@gmail.com) Platform: SDL Abstract: A 2d game that uses AI computer objects that act as customers who interact with the world the user creates. These customers will leave or come depending on how the world is managed. Storyboard: Initially at execution the player runs the program is prompted with a menu

Onekeycodehighlighter - code highlighter in clipboard with only one key

This is the UI for the chc2c prjects.codehighlighter use gvim to highligher the code,so it support many language.The UI version could transform the code in clipboard or save it in files if you want.All the UI is a system tray icon with some menu.....you can config it with config file. the coolest tool I created for my blog,lol. gvim installed is needed. www.vim.org cx_Freeze installed is needed. http://cx-freeze.sourceforge.net/ All the operation is finished with one keyif you want a console too

Code-highlight-clipboard2clipboard - highlight the code from the clipboard to the clipboard(HTML For

code-highlight-clipboard2clipboard highlight the code from the clipboard to the clipboard(HTML Format)---abbr:chc2c the simplest way I want,the most useful the code highlighter. Using for publish code highlighted blog or anything liked. If you can edit your web freely,You can use google syntaxhighlighter alternative. (http://code.google.com/p/syntaxhighlighter) I create this project because I can't change any code in my blog host. Target platfrom include Windows and Linux. implemented with Pytho

SDL2-CS - SDL2# - C# Wrapper for SDL2

SDL2# - C# Wrapper for SDL2

cs2d-sdl - Counter-Strike 2D (with SDL) attempt (unfinished, but it was fun)

Counter-Strike 2D (with SDL) attempt (unfinished, but it was fun)