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Distributed, object-oriented and event-driven LabVIEW based Control System Framework with some SCADA functionality. Documentation about the CS framework is provided via a dedicated web page, http://wiki.gsi.de/cgi-bin/view/CSframework/WebHome .




Related Projects

Genode - Operating System Framework

The Genode operating-system framework provides a uniform API for applications on top of 8 existing microkernels/hypervisors: Linux, L4ka::Pistachio, L4/Fiasco, OKL4, NOVA, Fiasco.OC, Codezero, and a custom kernel for ARM SoCs. For developers, the framework provides an easy way to target multiple different kernels instead of tying the development to a particular kernel technology.


This project aims the requirement of managed information in the treatment of patients, i.e. integrated care. The underlaying data model implements standards of electronic health recording, the project is based on a C/S based SQL db, Java framework.

CsGL - OpenGL .NET

CsGL is OpenGL for the .Net Framework, providing support for OpenGL 1.1 - 1.4 and numerous extensions.

CS Web Application Libraries

A bunch of libraries designed specifically for use with PHP-based web applications. This framework is an addition to CS-Content, adding the ability to easily log and upgrade a running application without taking the app or the server down, and much more!

CS Blogger System

Blogging system based upon the CS-Content CMS framework and FCKeditor. Utilizes database-driven authentication system and file-based blog entries. List all entries for a blog, last X entries for ALL blogs, and show recent blogs on any page.

CS-Content [Dynamic Content System]

Generic framework designed to leverage the power of a templating system and PHP includes, all running through a single display script. Allows incredibly fast building of an intelligent website without having to write a script for every page. Separate HTML from code, intelligently build pages using path-based script and template inheritance.

Seraphproject - A open source C/S Project Management Tools

A open source C/S Project Management Tools Requires: .Net Framework 2.0 Sql Server 2000

Protomachine - A framework for creating protocol parsers using Ragel and Ruby (EventMachine)

It is indented to create a Ragel1 based protocol framework that targets mainly Ruby code on top of EventMachine2, so developing network protocols and rock solid servers will be mainly writing Ragel specifications which eases development with more security. 1http://www.cs.queensu.ca/~thurston/ragel/ 2http://eventmachine.rubyforge.org/

Cs2103aug2010p08 - Ropes And Tunnels

An implementation of the classic Snakes and Ladders game, with a twist. Ropes and Tunnels will use the powerful Qt framework and OpenGL to create an immersive and interesting variation of the outdated 2D board game.