CS-Content [Dynamic Content System]

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Generic framework designed to leverage the power of a templating system and PHP includes, all running through a single display script. Allows incredibly fast building of an intelligent website without having to write a script for every page. Separate HTML from code, intelligently build pages using path-based script and template inheritance.




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CS Web Application Libraries

A bunch of libraries designed specifically for use with PHP-based web applications. This framework is an addition to CS-Content, adding the ability to easily log and upgrade a running application without taking the app or the server down, and much more!

CS Blogger System

Blogging system based upon the CS-Content CMS framework and FCKeditor. Utilizes database-driven authentication system and file-based blog entries. List all entries for a blog, last X entries for ALL blogs, and show recent blogs on any page.

Irc-cs - IRC client and server

Project contents: IRC client IRC server Goal of the project: Familiarize myself with IRC protocol.

Cscms - PHP5 MySQL Content Management System

csCMScsCMS is small system for content managing developed by two amateurs from Czech Republic. It's builded by PHP/MySQL, installation included. It's programmed in Czech language, but can write a translation to English.

Infoseeker - a GUI tool to seach content in any text format files based on c# in windows

Much of the time , we have tons of megabytes text data(like .txt, .html, .cpp, .java, .cs, ....) on hard disk, and we need to search files whose content contain an exact keyword. You can do it by infoseeker, it provide a friendly GUI , can show and highlight text content. It support filter to search expected file type. like *.txt|*.html to seach text and html files.


This is the repository for content for Stanford's Introduction to Human Computer Interaction, CS147, Fall 2012

Cs-extension-semantic-chrome - Semantic Chrome

An extension for the Google Chrome browser bringing semantic capabilities to its engine, allowing the automatic building of hyperlinks and live content manipulation, making the web surfing more fluid and dynamic.

Tern-ecoinformatics-metadata - A framework for providing RIF-CS metadata from the EcoInformatics Fac

OverviewThe Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) is an overarching and integrated network designed to serve ecosystem research in Australia. It focusses on collating, calibrating, validating and standardising existing data sets. The focus of the EcoInformatics Facility of TERN is on developing a system -- AEKOS, the Australian Ecological Knowledge and Observation System -- to manipulate, store, distribute and display ecological information, thereby improving the communication, understan

Randomfile - Command-line program that generates files with random content

RandomFile is a command-line C# program that generates a file with given length and random content. Stable version 1.05 is available for download. It may need Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed on some old systems. Version History Command-line syntax: randomfile file_name file_size [seed] [/options]file_name and file_size parameters are mandatory. They define required file name and file size. File size can be defined in bytes, kilobytes (number followed by K or KB), megabytes (number f

Cs6300-winterbreak - CS6300 Project 5 - Team "Winter Break"

Information retrieval is a traditional application for computers that has become even more prominent with the advent of the World Wide Web. The process of retrieving content from a text corpus (collection of text files) is normally managed by analyzing the text files to produce an index, and then having a separate query engine that uses the index to retrieve the desired text from its source files. For Project 5, queries will retrieve documents instead of lines. Hence, the structure of the index