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Cryptology is a Windows shell application that enables users to easily protect their files. It incorporates military grade encryption (256 AES) and secure shredding into a simple user interface



Related Projects

Ist230javacrypto - Cryptology Project for IST 230

Cryptology project for IST 230 at Penn State.

Cipherlib - Cipher/Decipher Library written in popular programming languages

Current plans are for: Ciphers support: Playfair Vigenere Caesar ROT13 Language support: C++ Java Python Additional languages, and additional ciphers, will be supported later on.

Zeker - Cryptography Service

The Zeker software implements Encryption, Decryption & Key Management as described in Kevin Kenan's Cryptography in the Database. Zeker is a web service app that you can access from any language using SOAP or REST. Zeker is also a Java library. Key data is stored using MySQL but Zeker should work with most databases that support JDBC. Tested on both Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP. Zeker is open source software that you can deploy and operate on your own computer systems. The Zeker project does not

Cces - CloseCrypt Encryption System

IntroductionCCES or CloseCrypt Encryption System is a combination of a CSPRNG and a stream cipher that are under heavy development. The algorithm itself is subject to change at any giving point of time, or whenever an attack is found possible. So please if you used this algorithm to encrypt your data, make sure that you know the right version of CCES to decrypt it with. ContactsYou can always be able to contact me by the following means ... IRC Server: Port: 6667 Chann

Tastyproject - Tool for Automating Secure Two-partY computations

TASTY is a Tool for Automating (i.e., describing, generating, executing, benchmarking, and comparing) efficient Secure Two-partY computation protocols using combinations of garbled circuits and homomorphic encryption techniques. PublicationThe following publication contains a detailed description of TASTY. TASTY: Tool for Automating Secure Two-partY computations. By Wilko Henecka, Stefan Kögl, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Thomas Schneider, Immo Wehrenberg. In 17th ACM Conference on Computer and Communic

OhCrypt Encryption Tool

OhCrypt lets you easily encrypt and decrypt files using some of the most popular algorithms, like AES, Blowfish and Serpent. With OhCrypt, you can secure your data with a password-based encryption algorithm through a clean and simple interface. It demonstrates state of the art of cryptology techniques, such as password hashing and salt. Ohcrypt also features self-extractable and self-destructive encrypted files

Mcsystem - A musical cryptosystem

MC System is essentially a substitution cipher. Encryption is achieved by mapping the most frequent letters of the Project Gutenberg digital book archive to the most frequent notes of the private key and then substituting the letters of the input text. Decryption is achieved by the exact reversal of this process, where the most frequent notes of the key are substituted for the most frequent letters. MC System is Earl Bellinger's final project for the SUNY Oswego Honors Capstone course HON301: In