International Crypto API for GNU/Linux

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CryptoAPI adds a framework for cryptography to the GNU/Linux kernel.



Related Projects

Cryproc (CryptoAPI access through /proc)

Cryproc is module for the Linux kernel 2.6 which allows user space programs to access the kernel's CryptoAPI functions via a file called quot;cryprocquot; created in the /proc filesystem.

Ocspprov - OCSP Revocation Checking Provider for CryptoAPI

OCSPProv is a OCSP revocation checking provider for MS CryptoAPI


A ultrafast lightweight (no GUI) encryption/decryption software using the CryptoAPI on Windows platform, to secure just about anything - regular files and directories, consoles, communication resources(COM ports), Disk devices, pipes and sockets anythin


Java 1.4.2 JCE Cryptographic provider, which uses CryptoAPI internaly. It implements KeyStore and Signature classes and unlike SunMSCAPI can use them with JSSE SSL. It supports both SHA-1 and SHA-2 hashing plus raw and PKCS#7 signature.

Cryptoprovider-with-russian-gost - This is MS CryptoAPI Cryptoprovider (CSP) implementing russain GO

This projects is an attempt to develop CryptoProvider - Part of MS CryptoAPI implementing russian cryptographic algorithms such as GOST R 34.10-2001, GOST R 34.11-94, GOST 28147-89. The main purpose is to make it usable for establishing TLS connection between Internet Explorer and MS IIS.

Trafficgate - TCP/IP traffic encryption system

Allows you to encrypt TCP-IP-based traffic between client and server using the RSA algorithm with the different key length. Later I'll post a full description of program together with my research of vulnerabilities of network protocols (after presenting this researching in the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). The study is written in Ukrainian, so Russian and English speakers shall wait until I'll translate it.

net-crypto - CryptoAPI library for using the PEM key format in .Net apps.

CryptoAPI library for using the PEM key format in .Net apps.


A collection of tests for common cryptographic algorithms (using the crypto-api interface)