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Cryptix is an international volunteer effort to produce robust, open-source cryptographic software libraries. Cryptix products are free, both for commercial and non-commercial use and are being used by developers all over the world.



Related Projects

Cryptix OpenPGP

Cryptix OpenPGP is a library which implements the OpenPGP standard (RFC 2440) in Java.

Cryptix ASN.1 Kit

The Cryptix ASN.1 Kit aims at facilitating the task programmers face in coding, accessing and generating java-bound, both types and values, defined as ASN.1 constructs, or encoded as such.

Cryptix SASL Library

Update: The code from this project has been contributed to the GNU Crypto project. The Cryptix SASL Library is an implementation of the Java SASL bindings and a number of SASL mechanisms.

PGPMime for Java

This library extends SUN's JavaMail API by an PGPMime framework. It acts as a middleware layer between a cryptography provider like GnuPG or Cryptix OpenPGP Provider and JavaMail.

Iwidget - Another Desktop widget engine developed with Java

IWidget is a desktop widget platform written in Java Programming language. It can run widgets written in XML + either JavaScript Script or Java (and Python for next release) and takes advantage of the latest features in Java SE 6 update 11. iWidget also uses binaries or source code from the following projects: BSF (Beans Scripting Framework) Rhino Mozilla Javascript engine cryptix jce (java encryption lib) Netbeans 6.0.1 as IDE JDK 6 (mustang) BrowserLauncher (cross platform browser launcher) by

Peruvianportalterrestrialtransport - Portal de Empresas de Transporte Terrestre para la Información

Portal de Empresas de transporte PERUVIANTERRESTRIALTRANSPORT , brinda Información detalla de las salidas de los vehículos de diferentes empresas de transporte registradas en dicho portal y que a su vez, permite la selección y compra del pasaje. TECNOLOG�AS UTILIZADAS - SPRING 2.5.3 - IBATIS - JSP 2.0 - XHTML 1.0 - JSTL 1.1.2 - STRUTS 2.0.5 - LOG4J 1.2.14 - JAVAMAIL 1.4 - ITEXT 5.0.2 - AJAXTAGS 1.3 - CRYPTIX 3.2 - JUNIT 4.5 - AXIS 1.4 - JSP:INCLUDE \t - SERVLET 2.5 \t - JQUERY\t \t

eXtensible Privacy Guard

xPG was about an OpenPGP-GUI in Java. Some source-code is still available for reference purposes. See for a current implementation of OpenPGP for Java.

Gwt-cipher - Google Web Toolkit Cipher algorithms

GWT-Cipher aims to provide various ciphers to GWT applications. Commonly said, the main goal is to provide client-side encryption mechanisms. It is based upon algorithms provided in the Java Cryptography Extension. JCE use itself some code from the Cryptix Project ( Algorithms has been imported from the OpenJDK ( sources tree. Currently, only AES has been ported.