21st Century Crypto

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This ainamp;#39;t your daddyamp;#39;s crypto! We provide a set of C libs and utilities to perform cypherpunk style crypto functions, using your existing OpenPGP keys. Ring signatures; credentials; mental poker; timelines; zero knowledge proofs. Cool stuff!




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Разработка программы (вер�и� 2.2.2) была о�тановлена в авгу�те 2006 года. Обновление не планирует��. В �лучае и�пользовани� программы или ча�ти её кода, требует�� указать авторов (Kuznetsov Viktor, Mekhrishvili Alexander) и ��ылку на �траницу проекта http://code.google.com/p/sbas�еобходимые требовани�: 1. Microso

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About overlay Yarik-overlay contains patches and ebuilds for some packages from official tree that still havn't commited and some new packages (OpenERP 6, TypeTrainer). Most of patches added in Gentoo Bug tracking system. TrueCrypt was restored in the official tree, but overlay still contains truecrypt-6.3a, truecrypt-7.0a and truecrypt-7.1 ebuilds de bene esse. Kdevelop-3.5.5 is patched for gcc-4.5 compatibility. Dependencies are available in kde-sunset overlay. How to add overlay Yarik-overlay

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Update: 21.05.12: Uploaded some minor fixes and changes that I forgot about. The project works flawlessly with my setup, however I suspect there may still be some undiscovered bugs. I will probably not continue working on this project, as it does exactly what I need at the moment, and implementing my other planned features with python would most likely just give me headaches. When I get the time I will do it RIGHT. With C or C++ Update: 17.12.11: Fixed a bunch of broken stuff and improved lots o