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This is a program which just does crypting by using the XOR algorithm. Although it's very primitive it's very effective if your key is long and good enough (random data should be best).



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CryptoPad Classic

A WordPad-like cryptography program. Includes AES, RC4, Skipjack, Twofish, Blowfish, CryptAPI, DES, Gost, XOR, and TEA.

Shacrypt - SHACrypt is a small application that allows you to encrypt your files securely using cryp

Latest changes (1.2.2)ShuffleCrypt added Various GUI bugs fixed Command line version help now uses GNU standards. Older versions InstallationThe simplest way to install SHACrypt is to download one of the precompiled versions. However, if you're on a platform without a precompiled version, or know your way around the command line, you should try compiling your own. Just download the source code archive of your choice, extract it, and type the following standard command (if you have Linux). ./conf

Crypt-z - Crypt-Z

Crypt-ZCrypt-Z is a small program written in Clojure that encrypts given file with password using XOR operation.

Simple-Crypt - Simple XOR Encryption Example

Simple XOR Encryption Example

crypt - Simples criptografia usando operador ~ (XOR) da linguagem C.

Simples criptografia usando operador ~ (XOR) da linguagem C.


Simples criptografia usando operador ~ (XOR) da linguagem C.