Crunchbase Grabber

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This is code that will scrape the api and pull down company information for the purpose of dumping to a text file. I used this to create my Microsoft Pivot dataset, which required importing data into Excel.



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Startupindex - Startup index is an opensource php driven company index webapp

StartupIndex is a simple php project i started awhile back, its running on LAMP php plus mysql with symfony framework version 1.2, it lets you index startup companies and build an index much like crunchbase with a simple to use interface. Add Companies Add People and relation to companies (founders etc) Tag companies Related companies Rss aggregation for blog posts Some level of editorial, Admin versus reader, reader can add companies for approval, admin approves. can change users to admin also.

Iestwitter - Information Extraction System for Twitter

Twitter Information ExtractorDependencies: IntroductionThe goal of IESTwitter is to extract references to named entities in Twitter status messages (or Tweet) relating to the Technology industry. The IE system uses an ontology of the Technology Industry constructed using Crunchbase and adds instances and axioms for each relevant Tweet it finds. A particular problem with the Twitter corpus used is the brevity of the messages; each is limited to 140 characters

crunchscore - SPAM detection for crunchbase

SPAM detection for crunchbase

crunchbase - Ruby Crunchbase API wrapper

Ruby Crunchbase API wrapper

ocaml-crunchbase - client lib for crunchbase + search features

client lib for crunchbase + search features

crunchbase - Simple Crunchbase API wrapper in python

Simple Crunchbase API wrapper in python


A python library for the crunchbase api

krbase - crunchbase in django

crunchbase in django