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A GNOME game to let you try to solve crossword puzzles. It aims for simplicity in use.



Related Projects

Japan Crossword Solver

This is programm for automatic solving Japan Crossword (also known as nonogram, griddlers or paint by numbers).

Julius - Large Vocabulary CSR Engine

"Julius" is a high-performance, two-pass large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) decoder software for speech-related researchers and developers. Based on word N-gram and context-dependent HMM, it can perform almost real-time decoding on most current PCs in 60k word dictation task.

Indx - Independent Newspaper Online Crossword Client

Client for the Independent Newspaper's online crosswords.

Crosswords for handhelds

Implements the rules of Scrabble(tm) for handhelds like PalmOS and PocketPC, (Linux too). Easy to port to other platforms, supports multiple languages and multi-device play via IR or UDP. Not vaporware: one of's top 5 PalmOS apps

Jcrosswords - Crosswords generator

jcrosswords is a crossword generator. It will allow you to: Generate and print crossword games; It will NOT allow you to: Play (fill) the crossword games; More information will be available soon.

Jabberwordy - A suite of crossword puzzle file management libraries and applications

Jabberwordy is both a suite of crossword puzzle file management libraries and interactive solving applications

Axwax - Ajax cryptic crossword host.

An engine for displaying and solving cryptic crossword puzzles interactively, as seen at

Toytools - miscellaneous tools

A set of tools and scripts written over the years... Crossword Assistant - helps you solve crosswords CloneHunt - finds duplicate files on your computer


A crossword designing program for swedish type crosswords.