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Crosspost allows you to maintain multiple blogs from a single easy-to-use interface. Currently supported blogging service providers include Blogger, Livejournal, MySpace, and Xanga.



Related Projects

Ljxp - LiveJournal CrossPoster, a WordPress plugin for automatic crossposting

The LiveJournal Crossposter (LJXP for short) is a WordPress plugin, which automatically copies new posts to a specified LiveJournal (or DeadJournal or any other LJ-based hosts). Editing and deleting crossposted entries causes the same changes to be made on the LiveJournal. Compatible with WordPress 3.x. InstallationDownload the latest version from the link on the right Extract the archive into the wp-content/plugins/ folder. A new folder, lj-xp, should appear Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashb

Posy - Crossposter for multiple (mirco-)blogs and social networks

Posy is not maintained currently Posy is a simple and secure web application for updating multiple (micro-)blogs and social networks quickly. For instance, it can be used to update Twitter, Plurk and LiveJournal simultaneously with the same content.

Vox-crossposter - Vox-Crossposter

Crosspost blog entries from WordPress to Vox

Jquerysharepointform - Submit a form to outside website from sharepoint

Sending a form from to outside of a sharepoint implementation is a tedious task, so I am writing a jquery plugin to facilitate that job. As most of .net applications (sharepoint being one of them) it wraps the html code with a form element. For some reason you cannot have a form inside of a form. One of the ways to solve is to add a javascript that reference the form outside of the main form element. There are some script that allow you to send form, but uses ajax and generate some crossposting

Django-press - Wordpress reinvented in django

This project was inspired by byteflow and django-diario. Features Programmed Newform admin support Markdown & typogrify for posts and comments Threaded comments Pingbacks Directory pings Automated registration for user after comment posting (no anonymous users!) Registration approval/email change/profile edit Tags (and filtering posts by tag), possibility to have translated names for tags Display and feeds for intersection of tags (separated by +) or for union of tags (separated by '|') Archives

Wp-crossfire - WordPress plugin for cross-posting content in a Multisite installation

Adds the ability to cross-post content from one site to another in a WordPress Multisite installation.

Qtxpost - A Qt4-based crossposting blog client for Linux.

QTXPost is a blog client for Linux, programmed in C++ / Qt4, with the main focus on simultaneous crossposting. Currently it works only as LJ-client, supporting only servers built on LiveJournal codebase (such as Dreamwidth). It aims to support more blogging platforms in the future. Note: Qt >= 4.4 with sqlite plugin is required.

Juick-crossposter - Bot for Cross-Posting Juick posts

Bot for Cross-Posting Juick posts

Crossposter - Blogger auto crossposter

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