CrossBow Cross Development System

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Full-features Integrated Development Environment (IDE) containing built-in cross assemblers for a variety of processors. Will contain built-in emulators and features specific to software development on certain computer systems and consoles.



Related Projects


Linux kernel patches, device drivers and related userspace applications developed for the Crossbow Imote 2 platform. Also supports the Intel Stargate 2.


Arrowmatcher is a ballistics software for crossbow archers. It can calculate the speed, kinetic energy, trajectory, aiming solution and much more of an arrow (or bullet). It uses a simplified 6 degree of freedom model.

Imote2-localization - Packet communication and localization on the Imote2

This project currently focuses on designing an Imote2 based sensor network to act as a testbed for evaluating multiple localization algorithms, as well as other network security algorithms in the future. It is also intended to be a hands-on learning tool for students learning about wireless sensor networks. In its current version, the testbed consists of a set of Crossbow Imote2 nodes programmed with a Linux kernel and running localization and routing codes written in C. One node is connected to

Rtpwvu - Some code development for a research project.

C# development for Crossbow sensor data acquisition. Project sensitive information are omitted from the repository.

CrossBow Web Stress Tester

This is a c# console application that can fire http GET or POST requests (with variables) to a web site. It is multithreaded and uses asynch WebRequests. The GET and POST variables can come from a text file to simulate differing requests as well as from the app.config. T...

Copteration-heliworld - A UC Irvine Senior Design Project

The primary goal of Copteration "Heli World!" is to develop an autopilot system for a remote-controlled model helicopter. The software is intended to run on a Crossbow MICAz wireless sensor node, in conjunction with an ADIS16354 high precision tri-axis inertial sensor.

Tdoa-localization-iris - TDOA-based Localization using IRIS

To perform localization process using TDOA-based (4kHz Acoustic Signal) methods. Based on Crossbow IRIS (TinyOS 2.x) with MTS310CB.

Cross-bow - Image Browser and Viewer for Mac OS X 10.5+

Crossbow is an image browser and view for Mac OS X 10.5 similar to ACDSee on Windows. Some key features include: - Thumbnail image browser with preview. - Image viewer with fullscreen slideshow. - Supports all Core Image file formats including jpeg, gif, png, tiff, pdf and raw. - Displays image metadata including exif, iptc and gps. Features coming soon: - Batch resize, rotate, convert, rename - Create zip archives - File operations rename, copy, move and delete - Copy images from camera

Ninjasvsmarksmen - A small gamemode for Garry's Mod, using the fretta framework.

Ninjas VS. MarksmenA gamemode for Garry's Mod.Ninjas VS. Marksmen is a small fretta gamemode for Garry's Mod. In the game, you choose between two different teams. Ninjas and Marksmen. (Duh!) Ninjas are equipped with a crowbar and a grenade, and are trained to run faster. Marksmen are equipped with a crossbow and a pistol, cannot run as fast as a ninja, has twice as much health.