Cross-Compilation Stuff for Embedded

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Full operational package to build a complete Linux embedded system (host development tools and target image) for several reference boards: - BEAGLE



Related Projects

Handy Stuff for Palm OS 5

Stuff for PalmOS 5 PDAs. Capitalizer (GPL) for Graffiti 1 capitalizes divider crossing characters. PartialMySkinSource (BSDL) includes a bunch of code for DIA-area keyboards. NVBackup backs up NVFS Palms. All code can be used under GPL, some also BSD.

Simpledock - cpDock - A simple&handy Dock application (cross platform?)

The goal of the cpDock Project is to build a cross platform "Simple" Dock application.Not full featured but with some stuff very new and (i think) useful. Give it a try

Javadox - Javadoc Crossreferencing Browser - cross-referencing multiple javadoc documents together.

Javadox cross-references multiple javadoc documents together. The suffix "x" reads like the plurality form and means Xross-referenced javadocs. To not remake the wheel, more and more java projects reuse other existing projects. However, the generated documents usually contains stuffs of current project only. This causes navigation interruption when referencing to other projects. Developers has to stop navigating and google for what package the return/parameter type is. Although the javadoc gener

Xss-shield - Rails plugin protecting against XSS attacks.

XSS Shield protects your views against cross-site scripting attacks without error-prone manual escaping with h(). Instead of: <h3><%= h( %></h3> <p><%= link_to "#{h(item.first_name)}'s stuff", :action => :view, :id => item %></p>You will be able to write: <h3><%= %></h3> <p><%= link_to "#{item.first_name}'s stuff", :action => :view, :id => item %></p>and all your views will be automatically protected. Protection works by tagging strings you trust - which are only those escape


CBCCL is a tiny, cross platform C++ library with all the stuff we miss in the standard C++ CRT. Thousand developers have written this stuff and we want to extract it in a very smal lib. Include Lists, Array's, Files, Dir's, Path, String's and more.

Php-transparent-proxy - A PHP Transparent proxy script for GET and POST Request

Proxy (noun, /ˈprɒksi/): A process that accepts requests for some service and passes them on to the real server. (source) I needed to do cross-domain AJAX calls from a jQuery front-end to a PHP backend which was on another domain, and couldn't find a complete, functional proxy script that could bridge both ends... so I created my own. Since both servers had PHP (but the backend needed extra stuff that wasn't on the frontend server), doing a PHP Proxy seemed like the way to go. What this proxy

Jmillgdk - JMill GDK is a Game Development Kit for JavaScript. It uses the Canvas tag to create 2d o

The JMill Game Development KitIntroductionJMill GDK is a Game Development Kit for JavaScript. It uses the Canvas tag or WebGL to create (cross-)Browser games. Using JMill, it's very easy to create: Games, Animations, and lots of other stuff! OriginJMill was origionally developped to provide some decent drawing capabilities in application level JavaScript like Adobe Air. Therefore it has different "Engines" for different platforms. But because all have the same API interface. Drawing on them is v

Addmachine - Adding Machine in Python/wxPython

Addmachine is not so much a calculator as it is an emulator of an adding machine. It's written using wxPython, and should be cross-platform (tested on Windows and Ubuntu Linux). Much easier to use than a spreadsheet to do tasks like tallying a checkbook register.Unlike a physical adding machine, you can go back and fix stuff previously entered. You can perform clipboard functions (cut, copy, paste), save and load sessions, and print.This application has been tested on Ubuntu 5 and 6, Windows 2K

Netgore - Cross platform online rpg engine using C# and SFML

NetGore is a free, open source online RPG engine created with C# and SFML. It is designed to provide a strong and flexible foundation for your own 2d online games. While the focus is towards side-scrolling and top-down RPGs, it can still be used to create any kind of 2d game that does not require very low latency (shooters) and uses the client-server model. Anyone may download and use NetGore for whatever project they wish. If you wish to contribute with development, please see the following pag

Basketball-gm - A basketball simulation game. Make trades, set rosters, draft players, and try to bu

This project has moved to GitHubThe overall goal of this project is to create a sports simulation game like Baseball Mogul, but make it free, cross platform, and about basketball. However, at this stage, it's not a very fun or usable game yet. You probably don't want to download it unless you think you might want to contribute some code to help work towards making it a fun game. An auxiliary goal is for me to learn some new things (Python, GTK, Glade, SQLite). So, the code might not be the great