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Captures at regular intervals of time the desktop/active window, along with his text See also CropperPlugins - Cropper - It's developed in C#



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Cropper Plugins

A collection of plugins for Cropper, a free .NET screenshot application.


A Cropper plugin for creating Team Foundation Server work items with the captured cropper image.

Image Upload and Editor Control

ASP.Net 2.0/MS AJAX 1.1 Image Editor custom server control provides client-side cropping, rotation/flip, brightness/contrast/saturation enhancement with dynamically generated image preview. Accompanying Image Editor Control is a full-featured image file selection and upload cu...

Simpleurlmapper - SimpleUrlMapper for PHP

OverviewSimpleUrlMapper for PHP provide generic functionality for URL mapping and routing based on a simple implementation of URI Templates. SimpleUrlMapper allows you to define variables to be parsed out of URLs that match URI Templates with those variables, i.e. "post_id" and "posts/{post_id}" where "post_id" would potentially represent a blog post ID and "posts/3" would indicate a blog post ID of 3. UsageNote the callback functions specified for template and validations receive an associative

cropper - Installing plugins in jquery

Installing plugins in jquery

upper_cut - Upload image cropper jquery plugin

Upload image cropper jquery plugin


Image Cropper jQuery plugin


The Grails Image Cropping Plugin provides wysiwyg javascript-based visual cropping and resizing for images by utilising the JS Cropper library.


A plugin for symfony 1.4+ framework. This is multiple photo uploader using jQuery with server side image cropper.


jQuery plugin to crop images on client by load from Drag'n'Drop, file select and URL