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Aurora is a Content Management System written using PHP,HTML and JavaScript. Unlike Joomla Aurora is url -friendly and has less php footprint and less bandwidth. Aurora use Web 02 concepts (AJAX,JSON). We use 3rd party libraries like PEAR and YUI.



Related Projects

Projectcronos - Cronos is a PHP/mySQL based Personal Information Manager

Cronos is a personal information manager. Project is dead. With no future updates likely.

Opencronos - Open Attendance System

Open-Cronos provides time and attendance software solution that help organizations gain better control over its employees. Open-Cronos provides biometric devices connectivity.

Cronos-aion - Cronos Aion

Cronos Aion Framework Project

Cronos II

Cronos II is a MUA (or Mail Client) written from scratch over the GNOME library using C. This MUA is intended to be fast, light and powerful. It has support for POP3, Spool, SMTP, Plugins and many other protocols and features.


This is a complete time series analysis package written in C#. It provides a number of tools for data manipulation, and supports a range of different models, including ARMA and GARCH models. A plugin framework allows developers to create their own custom models and transforms.

Cronos Control, The Time tracking Open S

CC is an open source tracking time software. Is very common in many organizations have projects where time tracking is the most important metric, many of these organizations depends on this information to even price the efforts of these projects.

Cronos-websites - Cronos Web Sites Projects

Web sites developed by CronoS Development Group

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