Automated cron backup thru email

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Program to automate the backup of the MySQL database amp; file directory, and send the backup data files to an offsite destination for safe storage through email. Works with Joomla!, Mambo, PostNuke, WordPress amp; etc. See NO



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Bash Cron Backup (BCB)

BashCronBackup is a backup script written in bash that can create full database and file backups. Before the database is dumped it will be optimized and repaired. Further, it will delete old backups for you. Available formats: Zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2

ignis: the heat-strengthened backup tool

A special backup program for the SOHO sector. It implements a full-backup strategy, a mix between the backup schemes of GFS and Tower of Hanoi. It is meant for backing up onto DVDs or simular media normally via cron. Reports are sent via mail.

Mys3backup - easily backup svn, cvs, etc., repositories to amazon's s3 service

Want a way to easily backup encrypted, tarballed versions of my svn and cvs repositories over to amazon's s3 service.Going to have three main functions:1. From cron, back up a directory tree and send it to amazon2. From cron, verify that the backups in S3 are aok3. Be able to restore a backup

Py-file-backup - a simple script to backup files on linux servers via cron

the script calls tar for full backups of directory trees you specify you can exclude directories from those trees you can do full backups and incremental backups (using tar's snar files) backup files have format like mytag_20080219-17h04m05_full.tar.gz

Ngrba - Python based backup tool for easier use of rsync.

With ngrba you can manage your rsync backups from a simple config file and run them either using cron or the build in daemon function. In case of errors it allows email notification and writing logfiles in various log levels.

Py-bk-foster - Keep only the backup files you want

When there are too many old backups on disk this tool automatically removes the ones you don't want any more.

M0n0-backup - m0n0wall Backup Script for multiple firewalls

This is a script to backup multiple m0n0wall boxes automatically. All config options are set in the file. Just set a cron job to perform regular backips. The script can handle http or https connections, and maintain a archive of backup configs. Works with m0n0wall 1.2 and 1.3 Ric

Multi-site-manager - Automated Hosting Backups and Invoicing for multiple domains and databases

The application manages clients, domains, servers, databases and uses SSH to run mysql and file backups. Can be automated with cron jobs. Invoicing under development, we may incorporate an existng invoicing solution. This is ideal for DreamHost users, as it includes webpanel integration to create users and list databases, and create a backup account for databases. Beta TestingI am actively seeking a few brave souls to test this application and provide feedback and direction. Suggested installati

Mysqlicious - Mirror your Delicious bookmarks into a MySQL database.

AboutMySQLicious provides automated mirroring/backups of Delicious bookmarks into a MySQL database. Note that MySQLicious does not provide a mechanism for displaying bookmarks after they're in your database; that part is up to you. RequirementsPHP 4 with cURL support MySQL Access to cron (or pseudo-cron). A Delicious account and some bookmarks. UsageMySQLicious is designed to be run as a cron job. See the tutorial for more information. Here's a quick example of how MySQLicious is used: <?phprequ

Wordpressbackup - Wordpress Backup to Rackspace Cloud Files

What you need: Rackspace Cloud Files and an API key Ability to edit a single PHP file to define variables Ability to create two cron jobs What it will do: Remove the previous days backups from the "files" directory (Still working on this feature) Backup your wp-config directory daily Backup your WP MySQL database daily Move both files to Rackspace Cloud Files The other day I was looking for a way to backup my WordPress site and it's database then move it to Rackspace Cloud Files automatically. A