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Crocos is a small opensource UNIX-like kernel, designed with simplicity in mind, for educational purposes. It is developed in several steps to allow people to understand how a tiny operating system can be built from scratch.



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Crocopat - CrocoPat: A Tool for Simple and Efficient Relational Programming

CrocoPat manipulates relations of any arity, including graphs (which are binary relations). Its simple and expressive query and manipulation language RML is based on first-order predicate calculus. The implementation is based on the data structure binary decision diagram (BDD), which is well-known as a compact representation of large relations in computer-aided verification. CrocoPat is easy to integrate with other tools because it reads and writes relations from and to files in the simple relat

Croco - Croco board game

Croco board game

CSS-Croco - Release history of CSS-Croco

Release history of CSS-Croco

notifier - Crocos\Notifier


Croco_v2 - Croco (cocos2d_v2)

Croco (cocos2d_v2)