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CROBOTS is a programming game in which players program a robot in C to survive a battle with other robots.



Related Projects

Ia4crobots - Intelligenze artificiali per i CROBOTS

Questo è un progetto didattico per chi vuole addentrarsi con noi nel mondo dei CROBOTS. Avete bisogno di Notepad++ (o qualsiasi ltro editor che evidenzia la sintassi) E di CROBOTS Per verificare le performances del vostro CROBOT troverete quasi inispensabile anche C-Robot Arena, un launcher grafico per CROBOTS Gli amministratori avranno anche bisogno di un client SVN p


Java version (graphical!) of the old CRobots game: players write robot programs and robots fight in the arena driven by these programs.

Board-games - An educational framework for board games programming

This is an educational framework for developing board games programming (such as tic tac toe, naval battle), so teachers can use this tool to create a programming tournament between the students. The idea, is that students code programs that 'fight' each other. Supported programming languages are C and C++. The framework internally uses: IPC, pipes, dynamic linking, processes, shared memory, signals, fault handling, timers, and more, but you don't need to mess with all that! Works in Linux, Unix


C# port of CRobots.


An implementation of CROBOTS that uses C# not C

netrobots - CROBOTS-like, client/server robot programming game

CROBOTS-like, client/server robot programming game


rebuild/redesign of robot-control in C (compiles on windows/linux)

02.-I2C-Robot - A universal motor control board with software for the uBoard

A universal motor control board with software for the uBoard