Customer Care Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Customer Care Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.



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Cca-forum unifies the Common Component Architecture tools and tutorial. It includes the CCA specifications, the Ccaffeine framework for HPC, and related tools. These support multilanguage scientific and parallel computing.

CCA INtegration framework (CCAIN)

A Common Component Architecture (CCA) Integration framework intended for staged adoption of component-based design and methods targetted at scientific programmers for existing and new code projects.


bocca is a text-based, scriptable, interactive development environment for SIDL/Babel-based development of mixed language C/C++/Fortran/Java/Python code. It manages source and build systems. Bocca automates creating SIDL/Babel code or CCA components.

Aeropuerto-cca - Control de aeropuerto

Proyecto No.1 Programación orientada a objetos.

Apmp-pack - Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin pack

This is small and simple pack of basic applications needful for building a web server with database. (only Windows 2000/XP)Main advantages of this pack are: you are downloading only cca. 20 MiB (official software packed together with 7-Zip) instead of 52 MiB (official packs together) and second advantage is that you will have functional web server with scripting and database server without complications.

CoCCA Software

The latest production release is v2.6.16. The last version available on SF is v2.2.9. CoCCA is free for ccTLD admins. Commercial support is available. If you are interested in the project or CoCCA's other services please email

Freecca - Cisco NAC Client for Linux

UPDATE 13 February 2012:There is a preliminary version for Android being developed at Project Status: Please see ProjectStatus wiki page. Important noticeAttention Ubuntu Users: You need to add the Universe repository before installing the .deb packages here. IntroductionFreeCCA is a Linux login client for Cisco Clean Access. Cisco Clean Access is a so-called NAC (Network Access Control) device which ensures that computers connecting to a network are vir

minset is a fork of lcov-1.7 that adds differential code coverage features (add, subtract, and compa

Base lcov functionality was left unchanged, with major additions to the lcov and genhtml scripts. rats ( is required to be in your $PATH if you want to use rats integration features. You can add, subtract, and compare code coverage reports based on statement coverage or sinks (as reported by rats). lcov has been modified to do minimum test set analysis ("minset") on a set of .info files, which can be based on either statement coverage or sinks.

Sp2009 - A 2D sidescrolling pixel/tile based game

OutlineLanguage: C# using Microsoft XNA The following will be needed: Visual C# 2008 Studio Express Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 TortoiseSVN plug-in for Explorer and 32 bit version and guide Tile Studio loooking ok for spirite animation awesome code source site for XNA stuff DirectX SDK (refer to  Issue 1 ) Unfortunately, AnkhSVN IDE plug-in does not wo