CRM 2011 Silverlight Web Resource for User Settings

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CRM 2011, Silverlight Web Resource for Editing User Settings This utility allows a User with certain permissions to Update User Settings such as DefaultCalendarView, PagingLimit and ShowGetStartedPage



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Silverlight CRM Attachment Image

The Silverlight CRM Attachment Image leverages the REST End Point to provide a simple way to add a changable image to a CRM 2011 form/entity using a Silverlight application. The image is stored in the notes, leveragin core CRM. Currently this project is still in the making...

CRM 2011 Global Quick Search

This CRM 2011 Silverlight WebResource will facilitate User to do Quick Search on multiple CRM Entities and results will be shown on single page

CRM 2011 TreeView for Lookup

CRM 2011 WebResource Utility for showing Self-Joined Lookup data in TreeView form.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Event Binder

Bind form events for CRM 2011 entities without drilling into a CRM form entity. An easier way to manage CRM jJavascript events.

Solomonphp - Set of PHP class's to interact with solomon crm system

solomonPHP allows you to connect with the restful API of your solomon crm installation. Download a fully functional version of fixx from Its Free for 1 user with 10 contacts and no time limits or restrictions. The current code works with version 1.0 of the API

Dynamics CRM 2011 Organization Settings Editor

This is a utility allowing users of CRM 2011 OnPrem, CRM Online, or hosted CRM to edit their organization database settings otherwise known as OrgDBOrgSettings

Bing Map Browser for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Bing map silverlight control to show any number of entities records on bing map. In addition, user can apply filters, see important links and fields in details pane and find near records. Compatible with CRM Online and CRM On-Premise.

CRM2011 User Settings Utility

CRM2011 User Settings Utility will make it easier to update the user settings for multiple users from one location. Administrators can pick a group of users and set their default page , time zone, default calendar, and records per pages and start and end time for a working ...

Sugarclient - ADO.NET Implementation for SugarCRM.

This library povides set of classes in the namespace of "System.Data.SugarClient", which enables you to access the data inside your SugarCRM instance. For example SugarConnection implements IDbConnection interface. It provides connection to the Sugar Instance over SOAP. sample code: using(IDbConnection con = new SugarConnection("Data Source=http://host/sugarcrm/;User ID=admin;Password=foo")){ con.Open(); // this performs logging in to sugar. IDbCommand cmd = con.CreateCommand(); cmd.CommandText

Silverlight CRM SOAP Library

SilverCrmSoap is a library built using the methods in the walkthrough to use the SOAP Endpoint for Web Resources with Silverlight to simplify Silverlight development for CRM 2011, providing a set of tools to make writing SOAP based Silverlight applicaiton for CRM easier and quick