Critical Care

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A fast paced game where hospitals have privatized many of their services, and ambulance drivers are forced to compete with each other for patients.



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Rolling-in-graph - a 3d game combines balance ball and snake, whose mazes represent node-based graph

This summary describes the original design of the game, but it's deprecated now. This is a coursework for Selected Topics in Virtual Reality, a curriculum course in CityU. Basic idea: A ball rolls on a maze like the one in the famous game Balance Ball. There are bonus points scattered around the maze, and picking a specific number of points in limited amount of time is the objective of this game. The maze is carefully designed, so that choosing the right path to go through is critical to gaining

Sconfigure - Configuration extension for SCons

SCons is a great build system. Sure, it can be a little slow for larger projects, but it really gets the job done right. My only criticism is the tragic lack of a good configuration system. SConfigure attempts to rectify this. SConfigure implements a dependency driven package configuration system. The inspiration for this comes from BuildSystem, written mainly by Matt Knepley, which also uses a dependency graph to determine which order packages need to be configured. A project specifies which pa

Portcullis-vulnerability-analyzer - A Nessus result analisys tool. Changing analysis from a host-by-

BackgroundAs I analyzed the Nessus results I noticed that several hosts had the same problem. In order to find them all I had to click into each host to find out the problem and then log the problems using a different method to be fixed later. The idea of having to check each host to to find the most serious problems made no sense to me. DescriptionPortcullis converts the method of analyzing Nessus results from a host-by-host basis to a plug-in basis. It parses the Nessus NBE file stores the res

Swirrel - Swirrel allows to substitute Swing listeners by annotations.

Swirrel is a little framework (in alpha state) which allows to annotate AWT or Swing Components instead of writing listeners. Swirrel reads the annotations and attaches the aproriate listeners automatically. All you have to do is to provide the name of the methods which should be called by the Swirrel listener. Swirrel is a double edged sword, it can make things much easier, but you can shoot yourself in the foot (hey, a sword you can shoot with!). Please consider carefully if Swirrel is right f

scientist - :microscope: A Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths.

:microscope: A Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths.

Nagcat - An advanced monitoring framework.

Nagcat is a monitoring framework written in Python for use with Nagios 3.x. It is intended for monitoring large and complex systems that require a wide range of tests to verify that everything is functioning properly. PurposeThe primary difference between Nagcat and more traditional Nagios plugin scripts is that Nagcat runs as a separate daemon running tests that are defined in a configuration file rather than a script. This offers a couple advantages over Nagios plugins: Multiple tests that pul

Mrbrooksmarshall - An automated bot for jabber group chats, mostly meebo.

This program needs Java. Go to if you don't have Java. Marshall is a bot that joins your room as a mod and takes care of lots of dirty work. (See the features list.) It tracks all room events per user, and the room as a whole. Certain events are flagged as violations. For example, a user may send a very long message composed of many line breaks, something that users do in an attempt to blank out the message window. The bot recognizes a configurable numbe

Pytaur - Python game development framework based on pyglet

pytaur: a game development framework based on pygletpytaur itself aims to be game agnostic, but design makes it lean slightly toward the development of 2D puzzle adventure games (the point-and-click style), or any kind of application that depends heavily on the concept of managed scenes with many layered objects. It was not designed in favor of classic shooters with rapidly scrolling tiles. Dependenciespython 2.6 pyglet 1.1.4 pytaur relies on pyglet's windowing system, platform utilities and gra


A JavaScript interpretation of the Ruby library Scientist, a library for carefully refactoring critical paths.

Phplockerlib - Php library to solve concurrent access issues - By SixtyFourWarrior

Php_locker_lib v2.0 - By SixtyFourWarriorUse link on the right hand side of the page to download the library. What is Php_locker_lib ?Php_locker_lib is a Php library destined to be used when concurrent access issues occurs in web projects. For example, on a forum, when a moderator edit a message, it will be better if nobody else can edit it or delete it at the same time. The problem can be more serious for example on selling sites, because you can lose money if the database is altered. Php_locke