Crisis physics library

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Constrained rigid body dynamics simulator, a robust, technologically advanced, fast and maintainable physics engine.



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Torontobudget - Visualization of the Toronto City budget

AppEngine app that visualizes the Toronto City budget crisis.

Stellar Crisis Original

Stellar Crisis is the web's first complete multi-player strategy game. Players from all over the world compete to build megalithic galactic empires, develop powerful new technologies, and fight pitched battles in far away star systems.

Helpline - Email helpline management

HelplineA web based email and call tracking system for befriending, suicide, mental health or crisis volunteer helplines.

Witness - Witness: Crowdsourcing Crisis Information

Inspired from Ushahidi, Witness aims to port Ushahidi to a Java-based development environment using the Play! Framework.

Jacrim - A framework supporting runtime self-reconfiguration

The goal of the project is to develop architecture of a system able to self-configure, which is to evolve dynamically in response to changes in its environment. A runtime reconfiguration mechanism will be based on AI planning for generating possible system configurations, and game theory inspired procedure for their evaluation. The thesis task is to provide architecture of such a system for crisis management, and implement it for further simulations. The starting point is to study crisis managem

(PC) GunbrellaMan : Rise of a Hero

(PC) GunbrellaMan is a Senior Project for a group of students from ECU

Adiosalacrisis - Manifiestate contra la crisis.

Este proyecto de software esta encaminado a aunar esfuerzos para resolver el problema de la crisis, a través de nuestra plataforma de eventos. Cada usuario podrá proponer sus eventos para manifestarlos públicamente, en una fecha elegida por los usuarios registrados en nuestro sitio web. La fecha elegida de cada evento será enviada a todos los usarios inscritos en el mismo via e-mail. Los usuarios no registrados podrán ver la información pero no podrán postear o votar, si quieren hacerlo t

Jcarbon - Carbon tracking and trading scheme

Enterprise Cloud-ready Trading Scheme. Objectives: Offer advice and proven strategies to deal with the growing issue of emissions risk and compliance to emissions trading programmes. Risk Management and Business Implications Deliver the affordability, stability and confidence our economy needs, as well as help solve the climate crisis. Know the carbon consumption in worldwide ever-changing energy demands Requirements: Gridgain Amazon ec2 Java SDK 1.6 Jboss AS 4.3 Jboss Seam

Candy Crisis

Candy Crisis: an exciting puzzle game written with C, SDL, SDL_image, and Fmod. Originally on Mac OS, also ported to Winddows.