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is a interface for abstracting away the details of the underlying data store behind a repository



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Contestisland - Collaborative space for scripting and bug swatting the ContestIsland:Invasion mod.

Contest Island: Invasion is a modification for FarCry/CryEngine by Mixer, Garcy and Garbitos.

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CryBook WordPress Theme based on Facebook interface complete with lifestream integration. IntroductionWelcome back to all WordPress blogger who have been using our CryBook theme since it was first introduced on 11th September 2008 at CryBook version 1 was our experiment with minimalist imageless theme with custom admin screen. We have gone through some improvement Lifestream to CryBook v2. Features2 widget-ready sidebar, another widget-ready sidebar for singular page. Support th

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Projeto de implementação da segunda versão com melhorias e novas funcionalidades do ambiente hipermídia de autoria colaborativa criAtivo.

Tort - The Object Relational Toolset

A toolset to provide application developers with a bridge between objects and relational databases.Not another one i hear you cry? Well err yes...Hopefully this one will be different since I sit firmly between the OO and Relational camp. More often then not fending off arguments from both.....

Farcry-cycle - Slideshow Plugin for Farcry CMS

This is a plugin that I have created for the Far Cry content management system that leverages the cycle jQuery plugin. This plugin is intended for Far Cry 5.1 but may work on earlier versions The plugin installation is simple: Create the folder "slideshow" beneath the plugins directory of your project, e.g. "/farcry/plugins/slideshow" Checkout project from to the folder created above. There should be folders "assets", "customadmin", "config" etc in t

Criscript - CriScript is JavaScript implementation for game consoles

CRIScript is a lightweight implementation of JavaScript/ECMAScript for games. CRIScript engine compiles a JavaScript into a stream of byte codes and executes it on several platforms with great performance and flexibility. It currently supports the PC and Xbox360 platforms. -Support site is a development site of the scripting language. -SVN tree You can check out the sources for CRIScript directly from our Subversion repository (svn:// to modify and build the fresh


The Crystallizing Substochastic Sequential Machine Extractor, CrySSMEx, is an algorithm for extracting Finite State Machines from Recurrent Neural Networks. Input: sequential data generated from RNNs. Output: (stochastic) FSMs and state space quantizers.

Opennanny - OpenNanny is a web application to predict your child and be happy

With Open Nanny you can keep data about your kids feeding, vaccination, general practices and more. Then OpenNanny relates this information searching the probable causal factors of any event. Finally you can ask Open Nanny: "Why my baby cries??" Open Nanny remembers you when to vaccinate you kids and when the general practices are. Open Nanny can generate printable versions of the information to give it to your child's pediatrician so he can diagnose accurately your son. Whit Open Nanny you can