Castles of Dr. Creep

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an open source reimplementation of the 1984 Commodore 64 game 'The Castles Of Dr. Creep'



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Jungletimers - League of Legends Jungle Timers Application

An application that keeps track of jungle creeps spawn time and allows the user to bind key combinations to start and restart times of different creep camps in their own and enemy jungle.

Dybdob - 'Broken window' prevention for Java code

dybdob is a library aiming to prevent 'broken windows' syndrome from creeping in to Java code; tools to help prevent developers from slowly allowing warnings to creep into the codebase. Woggle image from [ flickr user Hyougushi]

Forest-defender - Yet another variation of a tower defence on-line game, this time in the form of a

Build trees from which you will shoot at a variety of creeps trying to invade your forest. Lay traps for the creeps to make their progress down the path more perilous. An addicting game but not simple: Please do read the instructions before playing. Visit the game's strategy guide. This game was created using PulpCore animation framework, and all the graphics were hand-made by the programmer (therefore they're not great ;-)) You will need to download PulpCore and configure your build path in ord

Jq-class-anim - jQuery plug-in for CSS class based animation / tweening.

CSS Class-based animations with jQueryYou might like this plugin if you can't stand CSS/presentation creeping into your JavaScript through jQuery.fn.animate() calls. Keep presentation where it should be (in linked or inline CSS class definitions) and just animate to and from CSS classes. Provides a lot of flexibility. See examples.Now you can write: $('div').animate('.myCssSelectedClass');instead of: $('div').animate({ height: '100px', //expand down opacity: 1 //fade in// ... //etc, etc.}) .find

Redwidow-dna - RedWidow: Developer's Network Architecture is an application framework built for

This project started out as a personal project to create an application framework, but as the basic idea grew, it took on a life of its own. Not in a feature creep growth, but as a bigger and more important undertaking that I should not undertake entirely by myself. My hope is to build a loosely coupled, yet rich combination of classes. The original primary target was PHP versions 5.1 5.0 and higher. However I have no issues with a PHP 4 version as well, but much more code will be required to pr

Opengxe - The OpenGXE produces complete applications from declarative UML domain models.

The OpenGXE creates complete application simulations with little or no programming. It directly executes UML, allowing declarative domain models to drive complete functionality. Focus on the business rules and features of your system, without bogging down in implementation details or complicated, platform-specific frameworks. OpenGXE BenefitsValidate business requirements up front Complete projects faster Reduce project cost, complexity & risk Minimize rework Eliminate requirements creep OpenGXE


LoLTimers by Christian Schubert 2012. Version This is a small app that lets you keep track of the most important creep camp cooldowns. Developed in Visual Studio C#.

Blisp - Barebones, Haskell- & Lua-influenced Lisp/Scheme

GoalsUse Boehm GC library for memory management Make C core as small as possible Write as much code in the Lisp dialect itself (make it largely self-hosting, like Glasgow Haskell) Use the pair/list data structure(s) whenever possible as the data structure(s) (taking a cue from Lua - which did, in turn, from Scheme) Incorporate influences from "pure" functional programming languages like Haskell Consistent error-handling at C and Lisp levels For now, a very forgiving dynamic type system Influence

Creepsmash-tower-defence - Creep Smash, a multiplayer towerdefence game

Creep Smash, a multiplayer towerdefence game created as a project at the Hochschule fuer Technik Stuttgart (University of Applied Science) Copyright (C) 2008 by Andreas Wittig Bernd Hietler Christoph Fritz Fabian Kessel Levin Fritz Nikolaj Langner Philipp Schulte-Hubbert Robert Rapczynski Ron Trautsch Sven Supper This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as publis

Slippers - A strict templating language for Ruby

The main slippers page can be found at There are many template engines that you can choose for the generation of views in your mvc application. The problem with most of the them, however, is that they are too permissive. These turing-complete engines allow for many complex constructs within the template, which begin at simple if statement and for loops, and expand to complex object traversal. While these permissive languages are intended to offer great flexibility, in reality they