Creen - C reengineering tool

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Creen is a reengineering and static analysis tool for ANSI C code. Program structure analysis, slicing and refactoring.



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The aim of this project to help the Hi gh T hroughput S creening (and also High Content Screening (HCS)) process. The current subgoal is developing nodes to KNIME helping the data analysis of the results. Please help us by telling your feelings regarding the tool, or suggest new features, or improvements to the existing ones. News2010. July 5. Update to HiTS mainFixes problems with HTML report and supports incomplete plates. 2010. April 10. Update to HiTS mainFixes problems related to plates wit

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#define R_LEGS OUT_A #define L_LEGS OUT_C #define LEGS OUT_AC #define LIGHT IN_3 #define TOLERANCE 3 // this macro clears a line of the display #define ClearLine(line) TextOut (0,line," int low=30, high=50; void Tracking_init () { bool done = false; SetSensorLight(LIGHT); cLEARsCREEN(); //display menu TextOut(0,LCD_LINE6," Set Set"); TextOut(0,LCD_LINE7," dark OK light); until(done) { TextOut(0,LCD_LINE2,"Reading: "); Numout(50,LCD_LINE2,Sensor(LIGHT)); // if you press the NXT left arrow button.

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EPGSSEPGSS stands for (E)lectronic (P)rogram (G)uide (S)creen (S)craper. PurposeEPGSS is most useful in conjunction with media-center programs like Myth TV, MS MCE etc. EPGSS strives to be the solution in places where program guides in native XMLTV or MXF formats are not readily available. What EPGSS provides is a framework for creating of screen-scrapers, which extract the program-guide information from websites which publish the programme in HTML. Supported operating systemsEPGSS runs on most