CreateThumbnails Service

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This service will be available in Finder's Services menu and contextual menu if image files are selected. Batch create thumbnails with a suffix. Size options 128, 96 or 72 pixels. Supported formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PICT, PNG and TIFF



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Yii-gallery-extension - Image gallery extension for the Yii PHP framework

This is a simple photo gallery for the Yii PHP framework. Photo links can be enhanced to include lightbox or similar by editing views\\gallery.php. CSS is located at css\\gallery.css. EGallery makes use of Yii's Cache if available. Currently you have to clear the cache manually. A management section is currently being created. Properties name = The name of the gallery path = The path to the directory containing the albums (relative to webroot) id = the #ID of the gallery container showNav = Show