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(Production / Stable) Command line tool to compute the 64 bit CRC of one or more files.



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EMIHash - Managed hash library

A managed hash library that supports SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, MD5, MD2, CRC32_ZIP, CRC8, CRC16_IBM, CRC16_CCITT, CRC16_ARC, CRC16_XMODEM, CRC16_ZMODEM, CRC24, CRC32, CRC32_JAMCRC, CRC32_BZIP2, CRC64_ISO, CRC64_ECMA, MD4, SHA224, HMACSHA1, HMACSHA256, HMACSHA384, HMACSHA51...

Data-hash - String / Text / Byte Array / File / Web URL - hash viewer (CRC32, MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA1/2

AboutGUI for common hash algorithms and keyed hash algorithms from .Net namespace. Programm is able to generate hash string with following algorithms: MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, CRC32, HMACMD5, HMACRIPEMD160, HMACSHA1, HMACSHA256, HMACSHA384, HMACSHA512 Used .Net implementation of CRC32 hash algorithm published by Damien Guard at his blog. Made with MonoDevelop FeaturesAvailable input data sources: Text - Input text field armed with encoding variator (ASCII, UTF7, UTF8, UTF32,

Crcdemo - Demonstration of different crc algorithms

This project is a demonstration of CRC calculating. You can calculate CRC-8, CRC-16, CRC-32, CRC-64 for your data. Text data and external files are supported.


Python module for creating functions computing the Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC). Any generating polynomial producing 8, 16, 24, 32, or 64 bit CRCs is allowed. Generated functions can be used in Python or C/C++ source code can be generated.

Miniz - Single C source file Deflate/Inflate compression library with zlib-compatible API, ZIP archi

miniz.c is a lossless, high performance data compression library in a single source file that implements the zlib (RFC 1950) and Deflate (RFC 1951) compressed data format specification standards. It supports the most commonly used functions exported by zlib, but is a completely independent implementation so zlib's licensing requirements do not apply. miniz.c also contains simple to use functions for writing .PNG format image files and reading/writing/appending .ZIP format archives. miniz's compr

Csharptest-net - CSharpTest.Net's Code Library

Welcome to the CSharpTest.Net code libraryProject Home: Jira TortoiseSVN Issue TrackerLooking for the JiraSVN issue tracker integration for TortoiseSVN and Subversion? It moved to! You can get JiraSVN Downloads there or view the JiraSVN Installation Guide . Library Historyv1.11.924.348 Minor update release: Addition of Cyrpto.SecureTransfer to provide file transfers via shared public keys. The Crypto.AESCryptoKey now has ToArray() and FromBytes() like other keys.

jlabgroovy ("GroovyLab"): A Matlab like environment for Java and Groovy programmers

jlabgroovy ("GroovyLab", "Glab"): Matlab-like scientific computing in Groovy Project Summary The GroovyLab environment aims to provide a Matlab/Scilab like scientific computing platform that is supported by a scripting engine implemented in Groovy language. The GroovyLab user can work either with a Matlab-lke command console, or with a flexible editor based on the jsyntaxpane ( component, that offers more convenient code development. Also, GroovyLab supports

Smhasher - Test your hash functions

SMHasher is a test suite designed to test the distribution, collision, and performance properties of non-cryptographic hash functions - it aims to be the "DieHarder" of hash testing, and does a pretty good job of finding flaws with a number of popular hashes. Murmurhash3 (new version) is faster, more robust, and its variants can produce 32- and 128-bit hash values efficiently on both x86 and x64 platforms.

Cryptofbc - a simple, easy use cryptography library & ecdlp solver

CryptoFBC is the simple form of Cryptography Library For Black Chamber. I write this cryptography library only for my interests. Coding Language: C++ (pure OOP) Currently,some cryptographic algorithms have been implemented,they are: Hash:CRC32,MD5,SHA(160,384,512) Symmetric Cipher: Blowfish,DES(3DES),IDEA,Tea,Twofish,Rijndael Misc: Base64 more will come. ECDLP(Elliptic Curve Discret Logrithm Problem) Solver v0.6 Changes: v0.1 implemented the pollard's pho original algorithm 4.3 v0.2 changed Bran

Calista - CalistA is n ActionScript and ECMASCript cryptography library with SHA1, TEA, MD5, LZW, Ba

CalistA version 1.0ActionScript Cryptography Algorithm library LicenceMozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL1.1) AboutVersion : 1.0 Author : ALCARAZ Marc (aka eKameleon) Link : Mail : DescriptionCalistA is a little ActionScript and ECMASCript cryptography library with : hash : Adler32, CRC32, Blowfish, RXOR, SHA1, SHA256, MD5, TEA, Vigenère utils : LZW, Base64, Base8 This framework is an extension of the AS3 VEGAS opensource framework but you can use i