CRATE Project

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Web core system based on PEAR libraries



Related Projects

Ycup - Yet Another Chromium Updater

The purpose of this project is to create simple Chromium updater working on different flavors of Windows. This project was triggered by a fact that popular Chromium Updaters available on net have problems with x64 Windows, aim is to crate one that works properly on both x64 as well as x86 systems.

Sokobandroid - Sokoban For Android

A Sokoban game for Android devices.OverviewA Sokoban game for Android devices. This is a port - or rather a rewrite - of my 'sokoban for midp devices' app. I did it a few months ago when I was playing around with the Android OS. More free stuff can be found on my site, How to playSokoban is a logic puzzle game. You play a warehouse keeper (the circle). You need to put the boxes in their proper place, marked in dark-gray. However, you can only push the crates from behind, and only one

Tax-invoice - invoice system

This is the private invoice project,crate by TT

Indiawiki - a wiki and a review site for indian public and private sector utilities and services

the aim of this project is to crate a wiki and a review site for indian public and private sector utilities and services

Mkcodetool - make java ssh(struts spring hibernate) projects codes tool

a tool for create java codes that is ssh(struts spring hibernate) project. this tool use c# write. if you want crate a project so quickly , you maybe want it.

Flexcalendar - Flex Calendar Components

This project strives to provided flex components for crating calendar components. (Timeline, day, week, month and agenda view) This projects is still work in progress and is not even at an alpha stage, but please look around and offer help or suggestions. Check out the current status of the code: Sample Calendar Galery of Components Author Blog:

Flexwizard - Faster Project generator for Flex Builder Users

This project attempts to crate a faster way to generate boiled steps to create a new project for Flex Builder. The notorious way of next, next, finish and configuration for work with services things. Anyway, this project is simple, did you work with Ruby on Rails? how faster is to generate project structures fast and easy? That's the main goal of this project, to help you developer that needs time and wants to use your time coding not configuring things. Enjoy!

Vyoogle - Vyoogle Desktop Environment

About VyoogleA terminal window manager for Linux written in c++ with ncurses. Project started at 2006 year as TWE (terminal window environment). Some weeks after the project has started I crated TWEE - library for TWE. It contained most popular functions from TWE. This library had to help creating programs for TWE. VersionsTWE 0.1It was the first stable version of TWE. I've written it for myself, not for public. TWE 0.2Second stable version, new graphic theme. This version wasn't good. TWE 0.3It

Dbehave - Behavior driven development on delphi

SummarydBehave is a framework to carry out a behavior driven development on delphi. dBehave is developed by the delphiXtreme (, originally. Because the delphiXtreme is closed, I decided to create dBehave project on the Google code. dBehave of this project is customized as describing in more natural english phrase. RequirementsdunitAs I still use the delphi 7, I have used the dunit2 providing Advanced Dunit development ( . UsageFirst