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A project to provide a GUI toolkit to facilitate (and where possible, automate) the breaking of classical (pen-and-paper) cryptosystems. Initial focus is on the cryptanalysis of monoalphabetic substitution ciphers.



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Broadcastmachine - Brainless videoblogging software

What's up?A few of us are working quickly to crank out the next version of Broadcast Machine. Check back in mid-March 2008 for a look into the future of your favorite video CMS.

Krank - Java Framework for CRUD and Validation

Crank allows idiomatic, efficacious GUI development based on your Java object model. "Even Chuck Norris feared JSF...until he saw Crank" --CM Crank 1.0.1 Release Notes and Download Crank Google Group for Questions and Such Slides from Los Angeles JUG, 1/5/2008 Crank is a master/detail, CRUD, and annotation driven validation framework built with JPA, JSF, Facelets and Ajax. It allows developers to quickly come up with JSF/Ajax based CRUD listings and Master/Detail forms from their JPA annotated J

Canto-reader - Canto: flexible ncurses RSS/Atom reader

Canto is an Atom/RSS feed reader for the console that is meant to be quick, concise, and colorful. It's meant to allow you to crank through feeds like you've never cranked before by providing a minimal, yet information packed interface. No navigating menus. No dense blocks of unreadable white text. An interface with almost infinite customization and extensibility using the excellent Python programming language. This Google project is used a bug tracker to the main site

Convert between PowerShell and JSON

ConvertTo-JSON and ConvertFrom-JSON. Take a JSON string and crank out PowerShell Objects. Got PowerShell Objects, generate JSON strings form them.

Crank-on-struts - Integration of Crank Crud and Struts 2

An integration Crank GenericDao for JPA and Struts 2.X: GeneraicDaoJpa FilteringPaginator RequiredJava 5 or newer Maven 2 Crank : the crank artifacts are not available in any maven repository(yet). For now you need to download, build and install in your local repository. Quick SetupCheckout Crank (tested with 0.15-SNAPSHOT) $ svn co crank $ cd crank $ mvn install $ cd ..Checkout this project $ svn co

Rchi-zui - ZoomWorld in Python, inspired by Jef Raskin

Corey's zuiMost of the time I've spent developing The Zui (aka tzui) has been on design. I've had the basic idea of how a zui should work for several years now (see our ZUI specification) but I've had to make some compromises as I cranked out the code. So currently it's rather rudimentary, but it nevertheless gives you a glimpse of the possibilities. Just be warned that it's still buggy despite the simplicity of the architecture. It uses the Opioid2D framework, which is an excellent interface to

Django-webdeveloper-portfolio - A Django portfolio site for web developers with CMS, blog and portfo

IntroductionA Django portfolio site application for a web development business for use with a traditional RDBMS. Application includes a CMS, blog, contact form, and portfolio. This project powers my site, The source code does not include fancy styling and CSS (and please do not copy Data ModelTo better understand what the application does, see the DataModel. The blog does not store comments, instead relying on a javascript comment engine

Heat-xfer - A simple finite difference solver.

Solves the time-dependent heat equation in 3d with Crank-Nicolson and Forward Euler time integration. The Crank-Nicolson method isn't unconditionally stable because it uses an Gauss-Seidel iterative method for the inversion, and the time step determines if the system is diagonally dominant.

Pkgrez - Solaris Package Resolution tool

pkgrezThis is a wrapper script to Glenn Brunette's *Solaris Package Companion* that adds in: the ability to specify a build level and the packages you want to install and get a print out in order of the SVR4 Solaris 10 packages you need to install. the ability to resolve dependencies for SFW packages from the Solaris Companion freeware disk. the ability to crank up the verbosity and watch ascii text scroll by voluminously (ooohhh, text...) CDDL?