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Code selection through query




Related Projects

VaultClipse - Vault Plugin for Eclipse

VaultClipse is a plugin for Eclipse which allows users to import, export and merge content between from Day CQ and CRX repositories and Eclipse.


Meresco is both an OAI Data Provider and a Service Provider. SourceForge is only used to host the source control (subversion). Sources: http://sources.meresco.org/ Binaries: http://repository.cq2.org/ Mail: http://groups.google.com/group/meresco

Chanchal-brain-dump - A repository of sample projects and cope snippets I have developed

The idea here is to collect and refine some example projects and code for use in future projects. The technologies and platforms need not be exhaustive as I'm having to learn and integrate new things every day. Some of the current technologies are Java, Maven, Spring, OSGi, JCR, CQ5/CRX/Sling, JQuery, Ext-JS, Groovy, Scala. Title

Edapi - Rajapinta eduskunnan äänestystuloksiin

Eduskuntarajapinnan ja äänestyskoneen toteuttamiseen käytetty koodi. Taustatietoa ja varsinaisen rajapinnan käyttöohje: http://www.biomi.org/eduskunta/eduskunta.html Kehitysajatuksia Google Docsissa: https://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dvwb2cq_4f3879vgn

Jcastlequest - CastleQuest 2 Wicket port

CQ2 (code.google.com/p/castlequest2) is a browser text-based strategy game in PHP. This project aims to improve on the codebase by porting it to Apache Wicket. Features will include: - REST interface to backend - JPA backed persistency - Wicket front-end with AJAX enabling

Cq99 - chang qi 99

chang qi 99

Cq-mvc - lightweight MVC for PHP

Colloq implements a very lightweight Model/View/Controller framework for PHP. It's lightweight enough to not get in the way of writing code, but powerful enough to make developing web apps in PHP even more productive!