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A wiki which is reprogrammable by its community. Allows the wiki community to collaboratively edit the wiki source code in a similar way to how they write the textual content. Project activity mode: coma ( )



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supporting CPW

Update: Create in no time objects large 20 million surfaces (with 4GB RAM), and render them even to stereoscopic bitmaps.


Server side for popular MMO Perfect World client autoupdate.

Vc6cpwrocks - pw:1 Scriptable OpenGL animation of B-surfaces as triangles in real time using 24bit t password:1 In a script, (one is given: r.l) Define coordinate systems Define points on those Define lines - splines on those ponits Define B-surfaces on those splines Move the which will move all content on them See it in real time. Rename .exf to .exe, Rename .dlm to .dll, scan it for viruses, if found none: run it! May contact me, Karoly jr., Stanyo on to write a promoting OpenGL animation in CPW. Source code included. This is a freeware, op

metaAdmin - Tools to admin cpw_meta

Tools to admin cpw_meta


A course about Computers, Programming, and the Web.

kostenko_cpw - Course paper work for my brother

Course paper work for my brother

cpw_db_admin - Code to manage data on lab servers

Code to manage data on lab servers